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View Our HBO Preview Online!

Thanks everyone for all of the well wishes on the littlest Lehnhoff!  We are sure feelin’ the love!!!  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, Rex is being evicted from his crib in a few months! 😉

In case you don’t have HBO, or missed last night’s episode which included a preview for our episode next Tuesday, here’s a link to check it out!  It might not work on mobile devices (it didn’t on mine and I had to use my laptop).  You’ll see a link to the episode preview in the bottom left-hand corner.  Also, some cable providers will offer free HBO trials for 1 or 3 month periods so it might be worth calling and asking to see if you are eligible.  Ours didn’t, but my mom said hers did!  Could be worth a shot!

PS.  (San Antonio people especially) You may have seen several posts on Facebook about HBO’s State of Play episode, “Culture Shock,” that aired last night.  It was about the changing culture of the NFL with regards to head injuries and included a piece about San Antonio’s Madison High School’s David Edwards and his spinal injury (2003).  Here is a link to the article (which includes a preview for that episode as well).

Preview to HBO Sports’ State of Play, “First Ladies” airing Tues, Dec 9 @ 9pm. (CST)


5 thoughts on “View Our HBO Preview Online!

  1. Awesome!!! So excited for you! We don’t get HBO sports, somehow someway we would love to see it! Possibly online after it’s aired? Congrats on #3 also!!!

  2. Congratulations to you and Scott on the new baby! My Mom and Dad also had 3 kids under the age of 3! And if this one is a boy, you’d be following right in their footsteps! Hoping Steele wins this week and plays in Houston the following week so we can come see a game! Looking forward to seeing the HBO show next week.

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