Coming Soon (again)…

I’m going to be a big brother!!!

Coming soon (again)…to a hospital near us… will be Baby Lehnhoff #3!  Yes!  Rex will soon be joining the elite older sibling club (like Landri did!) as we are going to become a party of 5 next June!  That’s right, no more man to man coverage in this house for much longer – Scott and I are going to be outnumbered by our littles!!  Probably the most terrifying thought surrounding this upcoming adventure is “3 under 3,” as in three small humans all less than three years of age at once in the beginning!  Eeeek!  Although I am a little nervous, I am thrilled and very, very excited. Scott however, is, well, adjusting to his new future reality, LOL!  Here are some differences and similarities about this pregnancy from the others… well, I’m now considered to be of “advanced maternal age,” this time and uh, yeah, so that was cool to hear – how old I am now, haha…I also feel a bit behind the eight ball as far as weight goes as Rex was only 6 months old when we got pregnant with the third and I wasn’t totally caught back up to that pre-pregnancy weight (was close but not totally there yet)…ummm, my sense of smell is ridiculously strong and I absolutely cannot stand the smell of my own sweat and my own feet (which is kind of torture when you run and do hot yoga as much as I do, LOL)!…I also have some sweet spider veins or something going on with my legs- must go with that whole “advanced maternal age” thing, so awesome!  But on the flip side, like the other two, I feel great, no sickness or debilitating symptoms, and more importantly, everything looks great!  We are so, so blessed.  Another exciting development is that we traded in my lovely Volvo SUV for a Suburban!  As much as I loved my Volvo, I now see myself owning a Suburban for the rest of my life – I love it just as much if not more (although I’m still learning to park efficiently)!  Here’s a quick Scott Says about the littlest Lehnhoff…

Scott is nervous!M: Are you ready for number 3?
S: No.
M: Do you want a boy or a girl?
S: Neither.
M: What is it going to mean to lose our man to man coverage?
S: That there will always be a hole in the zone somewhere.
M: How do you think that will affect things around here?
S: Things are going to be worse than they are right now, obviously <both kids screaming their heads off>.
M: Do you have anything positive to say?
S: Life will never be boring!!!

I have a feeling that Scott is going to be right about that, just like he was last time when he predicted total chaos! 🙂  Anyhow, we are excited to welcome another precious little Lehnhoff to our family next summer!

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon (again)…

  1. Congrats to you and Scott. Having 3 so very close together might be crazy while their young, but they will grow up always having each other’s back and taking care of each other. Of course, your house will probably always be in total chaos no matter what age they are. Take care.

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