Coming Soon…

…to a hospital near us… will be Baby Lehnhoff #2!  So to answer all of the usual “OMG you’re pregnant?!” questions…

I'm gonna be a big sister!!!
I’m gonna be a big sister!!!

We found out we were expecting again only three days into our beach vacation in North Carolina.  Yes, vacation.  Where you want to enjoy a nice Bloody Mary at breakfast, a Boat Drink during the afternoon, a Margarita at cocktail hour, and a glass of wine with dinner.  Haha, I’m kidding (kind of)!  Anyhow, I had a suspicion when we arrived so I got a test and took it on my own.  And yep, it was positive!  Then, that morning, it was just me, Scott and Landri on the beach and while Scott was checking out the water, I plopped little Landri down in the sand, wrote “Big Sister” with an arrow pointing to her, and called Scott over to “come check out this cool crab.”  Sure enough, he comes walking over, sees the sandy message and sort of freaks out, but gives me a big hug.  If you ask him what his reaction was, he says, “We’re going to have another child?”  Oh, sensible Scotty.  Anyhow, then he freaked out a little bit more and frantically started asking questions such as, “Will Landri be out of diapers by then?” to which the answer is no, they will only be 18 months apart, and… then he started counting on his fingers trying to make sure this baby’s birth would not interfere with football season like Landri’s did (which it won’t – we are due Mar 1 which let me say, makes me VERY happy that I’ll be a whale in the colder, winter months this time and not the deep pits of Texas summer hell).  But yes, we are really excited!  I remember wanting another baby already the same day that Landri was born.  She was just so awesome that I already wanted another one!… it probably took Scott a little longer to be ready for the second one though, LOL.  And here we are!

Everything is going GREAT!  I’m just deathly tired but this is normal for the first trimester. Since we are about to be out of that (12 weeks now), hopefully the extreme exhaustion will fade soon.  It seems worse this time around, and maybe because instead of sitting in at a desk all day, I chase a hyper little human around all day.  So 12 weeks.  This is what I call “The Big Mac” Phase.   You know, it’s that awkward phase where people look at you and think, “Hmm… looks like home-girl had one too many Big Mac’s.  She’s looking a little thicky thick.”  Or to be more accurate this time around, maybe I should call it the “Tofu Donut” stage, LOL!  Regardless, this first phase is not to be confused with the equally as awkward phase, the “Is She or Isn’t She?” Phase, which immediately follows “The Big Mac” Phase, where you’re even a little bit thicker, but thick enough to make them think MAYBE it’s pregnancy.  I’m curious to see how quickly I move from “The Big Mac” Phase into the “Is She or Isn’t She?” Phase.  I’ve been told it will happen faster the second time so that’s exciting!

Other than being tired, I had some random crazy bad heartburn which I didn’t have last time.  So bad in fact, that my doctor gave me an EKG just to be sure nothing was seriously wrong with my heart.  But probably most different than last time, I do NOT have what Scott and I call the “crazies.”  Basically, in my first trimester with Landri, I was a complete and total hormonal DISASTER.  And the word disaster is an enormous understatement.  Based on talking to other women, what I experienced was WAY more severe than normal as far as pregnancy hormones go.  It’s a miracle that all three of us are still alive, seriously.  Anyhow, it was really bad with Landri but I don’t have it at all this time.  In case you need scientific proof, Scott says that on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 “is completely bat $hit crazy,” I was off the charts with a 102 when pregnant with Landri, but am only a 48 this time.  See!  So much improved!  50% as crazy!  Which brings me to the next topic: because of this, I think it’s a boy.  And onto the next cliché question, no, I don’t want to find out the sex, and yes, Scott does (just like last time).  I’m SLIGHTLY more open to finding out this time and doing a gender reveal of some sort, whereas last time I was 100% for not finding out.  But I still haven’t committed one way or the other, although I’m still leaning more towards another surprise.  We’ll see.  I told Scott that I can be bought and that I like sparkly things, wink, wink!  One of the girls at the gym told me that her grandpa told her that if God wanted you to know what you were having, he would have made a window!  And that babies are presents and you don’t open your presents before Christmas!  Also good points that I really like!  I am 100% good with boy or girl.  I think Scott really wants a boy though!

The only other recent pregnancy inconvenience would be that unfortunately my Baby Wrist syndrome is back.  Remember when Landri was a tiny baby and I developed what I called Baby Wrist (similar to Tennis Elbow but in my wrist from holding her so much)?  Turned out that Baby Wrist was a real thing and my orthopedist gave me an injection in my wrist to numb the pain.  This worked until last week.  And as it turns out, another of said shot would be harmful to my new fetus.  Oh sad day.  So I’m wearing a brace, hoping it goes away.  I may have to make another visit to the orthopedist though, just to make sure there aren’t any other alternatives for relief.

Onto other topics, I’d like to point out that the baby is going to be a Pi Baby.  March 2014 – get it?  3.14???  So awesome!  Those of you who know me well will have an idea of how happy this makes me.  And if this baby is anything like Landri, a due date of March 1, will mean it will definitely be born in March and not come in February!

Other questions I’ve been getting:

  • We don’t have any names that we agree on (just like last time).
  • My OB is totally on board with my vegan diet!  I expected a little bit of push-back or caution from him and was happy to get none at all.  He seemed very supportive.
  • I am still running pretty much 25-30 miles per week, and my OB said I can run as much as I want until it’s uncomfortable (yay!).  I am also cleared to continue doing yoga.  It’s actually been a cool experience to be pregnant and doing yoga daily now because it’s forced me to branch out and try new classes that I haven’t done before (I had typically sought out the hot yoga classes and now I avoid those).  I have really enjoyed trying new classes and teachers!
  • Another common pregnancy question: I am craving carbs and sweets (hence my recent baking I guess; see previous post).  I have made bruschetta and Panini’s a lot.  They seem to be my go-to carbs.  I probably need to slow down so I don’t gain 70 lbs again this time!

Scott Says….

M: What are you most looking forward to about baby #2?

S: More of this (pointing at Landri who is screaming).

M: Seriously.

S: I don’t know.  I don’t know.  Hopefully it’s a boy.

M: What if it’s another little princess?

S: So be it.

M: Are you glad it’s due in March?

S: Yeah.

M: Why? Because it will be a Pi Baby?

S: Because it won’t be during football season (see I told you!).

M: Do you have anything profound to say?

S: No.

M: Okay. You always sound like an idiot when I interview you. Are you happy with that?

S: <laughing>

M: Well?

S: I’m fine with it.

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. How exciting! Have to admit I was hoping Kyle ‘s 2nd would be a boy-but we are so in love with those two little girls now! Congrats to both of you!

  2. Congratulations! I’m super excites about a pi baby…in fact, pi lehnhoff has a good ring to it for a boy or a girl!

  3. You make pregnancy so exciting Megan. I gained 80 with my first and swore I wouldn’t gain as much on the second. I made sure I exercised a lot more. Gained only 75.. lol Breast feeding is amazing, it comes right off. Congratulations!! Pretty soon the cul-de-sac will be full. 🙂


  4. I’m counting on a March 4th birth! I won’t even ask that she be named after me! I just want to share the date! Love, Aunt Carline

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