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My 1st TV Appearance!

Megan on TVI started to think about it and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been on TV before, and as it turns out, our episode on HBO, isn’t going to be the first time (airing Tues, Dec 9 @ 9pm CST on HBO)!  Yesterday a small crew came out to the house to do a quick piece on me and how we prepare for the holidays during football!  [Perhaps I will find a link with better quality footage that I can post later, but I also want to post my iPhone’s footage because I NEED HELP WITH OUR TV!!!  Notice how the words are cut off – we cannot figure out how to fix it and have tried all of the settings!!!  We can’t see scores, time left in games, etc.  It’s been driving us crazy for several months now, so if anyone has advice, please hook us up!  Anyhow…]  My favorite part of the clip is when the header refers to Scott as “Megan’s husband,” (LOL!) and when Landri whacks Rex on the back at the end!  Anyhow, it was an honor and definitely a fun experience – I’m excited to show Landri in the morning! 🙂

Watch my first TV appearance here!

9 thoughts on “My 1st TV Appearance!

  1. Check the Aspect Ratio in settings. It should be 16:9 if you have an HDTV. Also make sure you have it set to 1080p instead of 720 or 480 for lower performing TVs. Some cable companies also have a # button on their remote or zoom button that allows you to zoom in on picture. You may be zoomed in on accident or AKA Rex wanted to play with the remote day!

    1. Okay I have it on 16:9 but can’t figure out where the 1080p is (what is that)? It’s still messed up even with the 16:9. And there wasn’t a zoom or # button…I even tried to reset to factory default and that didn’t work!

    2. When I first turn it on it flashes 1920x1080i @ 60Hz. I also tried changing sources around and that didn’t work. We really think it’s broken…that or I need a software update but I wouldn’t know how to do that…

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