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Steele Advances to the Quarter Finals

Another big Thanksgiving blessing: the Steele Knights defeated Weslaco East tonight, 48-17 at Buccaneer Stadium in Corpus Christi. The boys did a great job, and as always were fun to watch tonight. I’m sorry that my football recap is only two sentences tonight, but I am exhausted!  And real quick, here is my little people recap, highlights of which include:

  • Landri not napping before the game (amazingly she hung in there which I attribute to her football blood)
  • Landri crying and screaming “THEY LEFT ME!!!” when the big girls took her 3 year old potty trained friend to use the restroom leaving diapered Landri behind
  • Landri eating play dough during the game, even though she knows that this is a “no-no”
  • Rex requiring THREE OUTFITS between San Antonio and Corpus Christi (~2.75 hr drive) due to severe diarrhea that words cannot describe
  • Landri playing in the snow (aka cooler ice) after the game

Word on the street is that the next round will be at 4pm next Saturday, Dec 6th at Alamo Stadium for the quarter finals against San Antonio’s Brandeis.  Go Knights!

Shout out to Kiya Tomlin for the awesome black scarf – it kept Rex and me bundled up tonight and warm after the sun set!

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