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Update: Lehnhoffs on HBO!




Sorry, but this post is gonna have a lot of exclamation points, HAHA!!!!  Well, we are getting closer to our play date on HBO and I have found a little bit more information to share with you!  [In case you missed that in the first place, here is my related post.]  The series is called State of Play and our particular episode is called “First Ladies.”   It turns out that we will share the screen with Pittsburg Steeler’s coach Mike Tomlin and wife Kiya, and NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and wife DeLana!!!  What an honor!!!  Also, apparently I am flying to LA this Friday to film a roundtable discussion with Kiya and DeLana and Peter Berg (yes, this is the same executive producer from Friday Night Lights)!!!  Holy cow! or as Landri would say, “MOLY, MOLY COW!”  And so yes, I am missing a football game!!!  My first one to miss in a long, long time!  It’s our last regular season game against New Braunfels Canyon at home.  From what I understand though, the piece is complete now, about 40 minutes long (which I will get to see), and then they will be taking the final 15-20 minutes from our roundtable on Friday to complete the hour long show.  I’m pretty excited to go to LA, see some of our crew again, meet Kiya and DeLana, and be kid-free for about 36 hours!  Shout out to my in-laws for that last part!

First, here is the trailer about the series (there are four episodes, ours is the last one).  We make approximately 0.3 seconds of a 1 minute clip (LOL), but it’s pretty neat to see some of the other company we will share in the series – again, such an honor!

Second, here is what seems to be a press release from HBO about the series and each episode including air times.  Ours is showing the original air date to be Tuesday, December 9th at 10pm (which I think is EST).  It is pretty cool, because that was my dad’s birthday, so a special day already!

Lastly, there’s an article in the SA Express news today about it.  Check your sports section or you can see it here.

And yes, I am SUPER nervous!!!!  🙂

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