It’s a…

…’nother stubborn little Lehnhoff baby (see similar post for Landri: https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2012/09/07/its-a/)!!!  So yes, as I’ve said (complained about) a million times, Landri was THIRTEEN days past her due date.  That’s an eternity no matter what, but especially when you’re due on Aug 31 in TEXAS.  It’s amazing my doctor even let me go that long as we talked about inducing every couple of days and somehow I was able to repeatedly convince him to let me wait it out, and luckily the waiting worked out for us.

So today is my official due date.  And to all the billions of people that have told me, “Second babies come early,” YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.  Now, I am certain that if this baby doesn’t come in the next 5-6 days, I will unfortunately be forced to be induced because my doctor is going away for spring break.  I’m really trying not to think about this as I am violently opposed to being induced (unless medically necessary), and I do really hope and think that baby L will come before then… of course I said the same thing for like 13 days with Landri too though!  Also, without revealing the gruesome details, I had several physiological indicators that labor was imminent earlier this week and then was basically in what I now know was false labor pretty much ALL NIGHT long this past Wednesday.  So back to the whole second baby thing.  Billions of people have also told me, “Second babies are easier.”  People, PUHlease.  It’s not nice to lie to a pregnant lady.  And for the record, I would like to point out that once I had all of these same “labor-is-imminent-indicators” at the end of my pregnancy with Landri, REAL labor actually followed – IMMEDIATELY.  So what was this again about my body “already knowing what to do the second time around?”  It seems like in fact, it does not know what to do the second time around.  What an evil, evil prank Mother Nature has played on me.  Since then I’ve been panicking about getting sleep because my nights and days are getting mixed up.  Yeah, awesome way to start before you even have the baby.  And also since then, I have had zero contractions… until tonight.  But I am having a hard time believing them to be legit thanks to that mean trick my body played earlier this week.  I’m sure that blogging about “having contractions” just completely jinxed everything too.  Bah.  On the bright side, I will definitely have a Pi Baby (3rd month of ’14) so that’s super cool.  If you don’t know, Pi is my favorite number – I even have it tattooed on my wrist – so of course having a Pi Baby fulfills a lifelong dream of mine.  I know you’re super jealous, but don’t hate!

Brother's Bouncy ChairLandri now points at my tummy and says “baby,” although I don’t think she knows that there is an actual baby in there.  She kisses and hugs my belly though, which is super adorable.  Sometimes she pets/hits it too just like she does to the dog.  She is enjoying some of baby’s devices still – here’s a video of her abusing the newborn bouncy chair:


Anyhow, I guess I have one of the most comfortable uteruses around!  And I guess I need to practice more patience too, huh?  Ugh.. I’m trying, I really am!!!

One thought on “It’s a…

  1. How exciting! Congrats on Baby #2 even though he is not here yet. Landrinis going to be an awesome big sister. I love reading your blogs, so informative, and Landri is soo entertaining ! Well wish you all the best . As for natural induction, you may want to try Red Rasberry Leaf Tea . I used it day of labor . Hope it works, and hope your doc doesn’t have too induce 🙂


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