Expired… again?

V Day Party 2014 - 2Is the fact that it’s after 6pm and after not even leaving the house at all today, I just realized that I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet, any indication of how I’m feeling?  As totally and completely disgusting as this is, the answer would be a resounding “hell yeah!”  And in a desperate attempt to balance out that overly revealing personal hygienic detail I just provided, here’s a look back at my perkier self at 38 weeks on my way to a party with Scotty. See, I promise I haven’t been so gross this entire time, LOL! So anyhow, again, like last time (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2012/09/01/expired/), I am expired…past my due date, with essentially no end in sight. Of course I could have a baby “any second,” but we’ve been saying that for weeks now. I don’t want to bore you with all the long details, but in short, my next check-up is Fri.  I have chosen not to induce unless medically necessary and am likely to have an on-call doctor end up delivering our stubborn little package.  However, if this baby is as equally as stubborn as Landri was, my doctor should be back from spring break just in time for his birth – ha!  We will see.  Good times.  Again.

To cheer myself up, I like to hear Landri’s giggles!  For some reason getting splashed in the tub is hilarious to her! http://youtu.be/KiyMtPRrJjo Notice her pink little bottom…think Daddy makes the water warm enough?! Haha!  Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Expired… again?

  1. I’m just now at about 38 weeks with baby #2 and I keep thinking, “He’s gotta be early because he’s the second!” Thanks for reminding me not to get my hopes up! Fingers crossed your wait isn’t long!

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