IT’S A …

… STUBBORN BABY!!  I know, I completely lied.  I said I wouldn’t post again until we were either on the way to the hospital or finally parents at last, and neither of those things are happening.  Sadly, tomorrow marks one week overdue and I’m not having success getting my body to cooperate.  Besides the fact that our baby still isn’t born and I am ENORMOUS, the most annoying part of this situation is listening to the 8,234,561 unsolicited opinions about how we should handle the situation.

There are those that are appalled I haven’t induced yet.  There are those appalled that I have a doctor that would even consider it.  I should do X.  I should do Y.  I should do Z.  People, don’t think I haven’t tried it.  Because I have.  Acupuncture.  Reflexology.  Chiropractor.  Herbalist.  Massage.  Walking.  Spicy foods.  Pineapple – just to name a FEW.  In fact, the ONLY thing I haven’t tried is drinking castor oil.  No, I just can’t seem to voluntarily subject myself to Montezuma’s Revenge.  I have a feeling that labor is bad enough on its own even without a violent, debilitating, spirit-crushing, dehydrating stomach illness.  That and it also disturbs me that the label on the bottle actually says, and I directly quote, “DO NOT INGEST.”  But don’t think I still didn’t buy it and have it on hand if and when I get that desperate.

So originally the plan was to induce tomorrow.  When I “agreed” to this plan a while back, I never thought in a million years that I would still be pregnant today.  I want my body to have time to do what it is designed to do and thus we have chosen to skip the induction for now.  Fortunately for us, both the baby and I are in great health and the doctor is okay letting us be for now.  Assuming nothing happens this weekend, we have another appointment next Monday afternoon (9/10) and will reassess the situation then.  Of course Scott is utterly thrilled with this decision because unless I go into labor naturally tonight/tomorrow, then he won’t have to miss his football game tomorrow night.  And since that would cause the world to stop turning, we should all thanking our lucky stars that the induction has been temporarily canceled.  Phew!  Close call, right?

So in the spirit of looking on the bright side, I also hear there is a cold front coming in this weekend!  It may actually drop to the mid 90’s!  Incredible, I know!  I also might be able to squeeze in one more mani/pedi this weekend and maybe even enjoy a nice glass of wine (shhh)! 

Until next time, you can find me chugging gallons of my herbalist’s special birthing concoction, ingesting blue/black cohosh herbal extracts every 30 minutes, or getting needles stuck in my ears and various extremities.

3 thoughts on “IT’S A …

  1. You know it is a girl because she is taking her sweet time for an important date. We love you and hope you stay in good health.

  2. Sweet Megan –
    I’m not going to give any advice, because I have NO IDEA how that birthing a baby stuff works 😉 and I can only imagine how ready you are for Little Lehnhoff to make his/her appearance. Perfection takes time! Little one will be here soon, and your lives will be forever changed. It is a blessing that you and the little one are so healthy. Know that we are thinking of you and sending labor inducing vibes your way. Take care and keep us posted!

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