Merry Christmas: DDA, Vegas Show Boy, & Daddy Chant!

Feeding her babyLandri had a very nice second Christmas this year!  She opened her stocking and few little gifts at home with us.  She got a really cute puppy dog shaped purse and a baby doll and bottle (pictures below)!  She is really sweet and feeds her baby the bottle while she sits in her little chair – it is heart meltingly cute.  My other favorite picture is of her with a mini bottle of Crown Royal in each hand (that she stole from Scott’s stocking of course).  And you may recall that last year, the “best” gift at the Lehnhoff House was the random wooden spoon that Scott got me (LOL)…well this year I think it’s the shirt I had made for him with his now famous quote – also a picture below (see this post for quote/background: https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/10/24/a-look-inside-scott-lehnhoff/).  Also, another excellent part of the morning was when I asked Scott to please get Landri started on her breakfast (I was busy doing something)… Enter our Christmas Day DDA (Daddy Daycare Alert).  Before I know it, she has a Twinkie in her hand and is chowing down.  Really?!  And then at some point later she started crying and he shoves the Twinkie into her mouth.  Upon seeing my disapproving look, he exclaims, “You have a better idea to make her stop crying?”  <INSERT HUGE EYE ROLL>

If this doesn't jingle your bells, I don't know what will!
If this doesn’t jingle your bells, I don’t know what will!

We then went to Scott’s parents for food, fun and more exciting gifts!  My personal favorite part was when Scott put on Landri’s Vegas showgirl Christmas headband (to show her how to wear it) and of course you know who was there waiting with the camera in hand to capture this awesome moment for posterity!  Landri is also obsessed with wearing my gloves.  It’s kind of funny because she can’t do anything with her hands when she’s wearing them because they are so big, but she waves her hands around and squeals with glee (including a pic of this below as well).  Anyhow, it was a great day!  And then today we took her to the park and wouldn’t you know it, but Landri stepped in dog poop.  Of course I didn’t realize this until I had picked her up, gotten it all over my dry-clean only vest (and hands too).  So awesome.  If it’s not her poop, it’s someone else’s!  Anyhow, it was still fun and it wore her out (pics below as well)!  She is also still a huge fan of the slide!

And lastly, just on a random note, I’ve mentioned before that Landri says, “Daddy” all day long and is always looking for Scott everywhere we go.  Even at school she’s always talking about him.  Anyhow, the last day or so, she has started what I call the “Daddy Chant.”  She literally chants, “Da-ddy! Da-ddy! Da-ddy!” over and over with a strong rhythmic cadence.  It is adorable but makes me crazy!  It’s one thing to always be asking for him, but now we’re CHANTING it???  Why can’t she just say “Mommy” once?!  We only spend every waking SECOND of every single day together, LOL!

Hope yall had a great holiday!  Hugs!

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