One Last Daddy Daycare Alert for 2013

Happy New Year’s, my friends!  Before we close out 2013, I quickly wanted to share one last DDA (Daddy Daycare Alert).  The other day, Scott and his buddies were helping out Santa putting together basketball hoops.  I had sent Landri with Scott because I needed a break.  Well, they apparently gave Landri her first lollie pop ever (food is the #1 occupier obviously per the Twinkie as a response to her tears the other day as well), and then she got locked up in a dog kennel!  What?!  I realize she gets into things… but somehow I manage everyday without kenneling her!!!  HA HA!  Men… I just think it’s funny they took photos to send to me… as if he didn’t know it would end up here!  😉

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