Parenthood = Guilthood?

I remember one of my girlfriends, Christina, saying that parenthood can feel like guilthood sometimes.  Yes, we always worry and wonder if what we are doing is best for our child (their food, activities, health, etc, etc, etc).  But it can also be simple little things too.  Here goes Mommy Confession #1: I have been keeping Landri on a leash.  Yes, like a real leash.  I know that sounds so insane, but it’s actually kind of awesome when you have your hands full in public and are also trying to wrangle a non-English speaking little toddler with a mind of her own.  I can wash my hands in the store restroom without her running off.  I can keep her close to me in the parking lot.  And she seems to feel somewhat independent because she doesn’t have to hold my hand.  To be fair, it’s not a collar around the neck like your dog gets; I found one of those little backpack leash contraptions on Amazon, and it is actually pretty cute (it’s a monkey)!  And, I also need to point out that it’s useful because she can carry her snacks or diapers or something in there, freeing up some space in my overstuffed diaper bag.  I’ve already gotten one snarky “mom of the year” comment upon seeing me toting Landri along on her leash and a few other odd looks, hence the guilty feelings.

And Mommy Confession #2, since there’s kind of a dog-theme going on today… I admit that I play fetch with Landri.  A lot.  She brings me her mini-football and I take it and throw it.  She retrieves it and brings it back.  I throw it again and this will go on for many minutes (which equates to HOURS in “toddler time”).  I kind of cringe thinking that I play fetch with my kid.  But she seems to love it!  So weird.  Anyone else do either of these two things?  Am I alone in this?

And just for fun because it’s been a while since I posted any videos, here is Landri showing off a new skill.  Super cute!

One thought on “Parenthood = Guilthood?

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of those things. I did both. I will tell you as a responsible parent, I would still have my kids on a leash now if I could and they range from 16 to 26! There are a lot of bad people in the world and your child at almost 2 years old can not make decisions to save her life if approached by a stranger. The leash is an awesome idea. It lets them have some freedom with a monitor. No wrong in that at all. As for fetch….that is exercise for Landri. When she is a little older she can catch and throw. Great hand-eye coordination practice! Calm down Mom…..you are doing a fabulous job!!!!!

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