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Football Update: District Champs (and a bonus Landri story)

Just a quick little football update… last night was the last regular season game of the year.  And I think my text to a friend in response to how the game went was most appropriate.  Blowouts all around.  Yes, Scott’s team did great (42-14) and clinched the District Title.  But they weren’t the only ones blowing it out.  Little Miss Landri had her first football game blowout and by blowout, I mean blowout.  Like poop blown out of her diaper onto every item of clothing she was wearing.  Let’s just say that there was poop in her belly button.  Just stop and think about it for a second, logistically speaking, I mean.  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?  I ran out of wipes (including even borrowing some) and had to use paper towels.  And I was changing her on the grass behind the stadium in the dark because there was no changing table in the restroom (most high school football stadiums suck for that reason, by the way). Thank goodness for two of the coaches’ daughters who ran to grab my bag which I had left in the stands (extra clothes) and get me that necessary roll of paper towels.  I would have been so screwed without them!  Anyhow, Landri ended up in a quite an outfit (T-shirt, shorts, knee socks, boots, and a scarf) because that’s all I had.  She looked so cute, but so ridiculous!

Anyhow, very proud of the Knights for their continued success and am excited to start playoffs next Thursday night against Clark HS!

Blowout Baby

One thought on “Football Update: District Champs (and a bonus Landri story)

  1. And whoooooooooo knew all of that was going on while we were on the field in a very boring game! Sounds like you had more fun!!! Poor poopy Landri! Now you will know to pack her diaper bag like you might get stuck in a snow storm! Hugs!!!

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