I cannot believe that Landri celebrated her two-week birthday yesterday!  Even though she is still really little, we have settled into quite a nice routine and just cannot believe how fast the time is passing!  Every morning we snuggle in bed for about a half hour before breakfast and then we go for a nice 30-40 min walk in our beautiful neighborhood and enjoy the pretty sunrise.  It seems like each morning Landri gets more and more used to it and as of today, she successfully reduced her fussing on our walk to zero, making Mommy very happy!  Then we do our chores together in between playing and more snuggling and sometimes even run errands.  Landri has already made two trips to Target, Babies R Us, and Mommy’s dentist (yeah, don’t ask!).  Overall, she has been fairly well-behaved and we cannot complain.  In the evenings, however, we seem to hit an hour or so before bath time where our sweet little Landri morphs into a Fuss-Bucket (also known as Fuss-A-Potomus).  And two nights ago, I discovered the cure.

Our daughter seems to love the song “Pontoon” by Little Big Town.  You know, the twangy country song that came out this summer about drinking beer on the pontoon.  And you can’t just play the song for her.  You have to hold her and do my (now) partially choreographed dance.  She can be completely red-faced, screaming bloody murder so hard she is choking herself, and if I put this song on and start my dance, it’s like someone just gave her a shot of morphine.  Instant calm.  It’s pretty amazing.  Scott didn’t really seem to believe me until he got home late last night and in true Fuss-Bucket style, Landri was in complete meltdown mode.  Sure enough, I “pontooned” with her for him and voila!  Peace in the Lehnhoff abode once again!  I’m not quite sure what this means for when she’s a teenager (I mean, she now already knows “don’t drink it if the mountains aren’t blue”), but for now it is a good trick to sooth her.

Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures from the last two weeks!

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