Quick Update – Week One

Thank you everyone for all of the good wishes and calls/texts/emails/facebook posts/blog comments/voicemails!  We are feeling so loved!  And I am so behind and apologize in advance for my tardiness in responding – I will get there though – slowly but surely.  In the meantime, just wanted to post a quick update for everyone.

So… “labor and delivery.”  To keep it simple, I think I’m going to sum up the experience with just three words.  Long.  Painful.  Exhausting.  But of course – completely worth it in the end!  More than I could have ever imagined.  I have an amazing little girl and I am already terrified at how fast the time is passing!

I started having contractions on the early morning of Tues, 9/11 but went to work anyhow as they weren’t too painful and to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure that’s what I was feeling because as of that point, I had not had a single one.  After lunchtime they were getting a little stronger and were definitely starting/stopping so I figured I better head home while I could still drive myself.  Over the next 12 hours or so I labored at home as they increased intensity, and we ultimately threw in the towel at 2:3o am, and headed to the hospital.  She wasn’t born until 5:09 pm on Wed, so overall, the entire process was just long.  However, seeing that I was 13 days overdue, it was no surprise to me at all that the labor was equally lengthy.  I think I just expected it.  I was very happy that I went into labor on my own and didn’t have to go in for a scheduled induction – we escaped that by just about 12 hours!  I’m glad I stuck to my guns and waited it out.

Landri is beautiful and cute and spunky and adorable and sweet and tiny and a zillion other similar adjectives.  We love her so much more than words could ever describe!

And in her first few days, Miss Landri is already famous!  We ended up being discharged so late on Friday that Scott had to miss his away game at Kerrville.  We listened to it on the radio though and the announcers mentioned that Offensive Coordinator Scott Lehnhoff was not calling plays this evening because his baby girl Landri had just arrived!  Pretty neat to be 2 days old and already in the news!  It was really neat to hear.  And PS – Steele won the game by a landslide 🙂  3-0 for the season so far!

Landri spends most of her days just like they say newborns do: eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping.  And mix in some crying and some heart melting facial expressions.  She also has had some fairly intense diaper situations that I won’t give details about in case you just ate or are about to eat.  But they are pretty awesome and oddly, they don’t bother me at all (not sure Scott can say that yet though).  I think it’s because they are just so impressive for such a small human.

I have taken approximately 823,345,411 pictures of this cute little creature and I will try to post some in the next week or so.  I have lots of stuff taking up my time at the moment, in addition to figuring out how to be a mom: birth certificate, daycare arrangements, scheduling doctor appoints for both of us, insurance, Social Security, beneficiary designations, etc.  And I still need to return all of my messages!  🙂

Thank you again for everything!  All is well!  Much love!

4 thoughts on “Quick Update – Week One

  1. Too bad blogs weren’t the “in thing” when I had my babies! You caught everyone up! Good to hear all is going well for Landri and her first timer parents. You and Scott will have this Mommy and Daddy thing down in no time at all! 🙂 Cannot wait to meet your little bundle! Y’all take care

  2. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Thanks for keeping us all posted and can’t wait to see Landri soon! We are going to be there in Nov. for alumni weekend. Hooray! 🙂 Sending lots of love from Seattle!

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