Landri’s Quest

Apparently Landri is competing for the title of “Best Baby Ever” because she continues to be, well, the best baby ever and appears to be quite a strong contender for the prize.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like she doesn’t ever misbehave (remember, she can definitely be a Fuss-Bucket a.k.a. Fuss-A-Potomus), but it usually isn’t anything that a little “pontooning” can’t fix!

Exhibit A:  This weekend she took her first trip – a three hour car ride to Houston – to see my mom who wanted to take Scott to the Texans/Titans game since he was off of work this past weekend.  Landri was a champ in the car both ways – in fact, MUCH better behaved than her Daddy who cursed the weather every five seconds (it was raining).  She also slept the entire night in her carseat only waking up to eat.

Exhibit B: Landri likes diaper changes and doesn’t care where it goes down… the tailgate, the waiting room floor of the dentist (twice), the backseat of the car, the side of the road (on a walk), my lap, the exam table at the doctor’s (yes, she pooped on it), the scale at the doctor’s (yes, five minutes later she also pooped on that)…anywhere!

Exhibit C: Landri likes to shop and survived her first trip to HEB in the Baby Bjorn carrier on my tummy!  We were there over an hour and she even let me pick up a big, heavy case of beer and put it on the bottom of the shopping cart without waking up and freaking out!

Well, the little girl is stirring from her afternoon nap and may not tolerate much more blogging.  Even if she is in the running for Best Baby Ever, let’s be honest, every baby has her limits and if I don’t want to spend the next half hour pontooning, I better sign off for now!

2 thoughts on “Landri’s Quest

  1. Had there been a thumbs up “like” button I would click it right now! Good to hear life with Landri is going smoothly.

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