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Foam Rolling for Runners

I’m so excited! I just made my first YouTube video for y’all. I’ve been promising this since my first 50 mile ultra earlier this year (or maybe even before??) and I finally got a new camera lens that makes filming myself much easier! Just please excuse my total lack of professionalism and quality as I’m an amateur and made my first video randomly this morning off-the-cuff, haha!

Today’s 8.5 minute video is about basic foam rolling for runners. Of course I’m just a currently unemployed yoga teacher and not a medical expert and am only sharing what worked to help keep me free of running injuries this last running season (which had me peaking at 70-80 miles per week). As I’ll mention in the start of the video, I hurt my wrist last year and was unable to do too much yoga. Considering that an extremely steady diet of yoga is what has helped keep me healthy the past several years, I had to come up with an alternative plan to remain injury-free in order to complete five marathons and three ultramarathons just this season. Foam rolling and a special sequence of stretches (that I stole from yoga of course) are what did the job this year!

Just really quickly for your notes, the seven areas that I will be covering are 1) calves, 2) hams, 3, right IT, 4) quads, 5) left IT, 6) right hip, and 7) left hip. As you’ll see in the video, I do 30 seconds on each of the seven areas before I run and a minute on each of the seven areas after I run, followed by my (soon to be posted) stretching routine. Check out the video here for the full scoop and a demonstration. Hopefully I won’t take as long to post the stretching video now that I have my new camera lens. Enjoy!

PS. If you have any requests for videos, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

3 thoughts on “Foam Rolling for Runners

  1. A few weeks ago, I tried to address my IT-band problem by researching some suggested exercises. The suggestions include some roller techniques, but when I tried them at the gym, they were too difficult or I was too uncoordinated. After watching you make it look easy, I will try again.

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