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Ty Turns 7 Months!

Ty Baby is 7 months old last week (we’ve been out of town and so I’m late in posting).  Scott and I traveled to Big Bend sans children (first vacay like that in two years) and it was awesome.  I’ll make a big post about that hopefully in the next week or so.

Time is passing by so quickly…I think it’s safe to say that we are past the half way point of babyhood with Ty.  This makes me so sad because he is our last sweet little baby.  And he’s quickly working to leave his baby ways and days behind him as he sits up, hits, and throws stuff, which makes me think he may turn into a little Rex in the next year or so.  In some ways he’s lazy though; he rarely rolls over, and makes no effort to crawl or really move.  He talks, smiles and laughs a lot though, and melts my heart a little bit each day.  His hair is light – seems blondish, kind of like Landri’s  but lighter.  His eyes are definitely trending towards brown if they aren’t already.  Sometimes they still seem a few hues away but are headed that way like his Daddy.  He still also only has two teeth (but a 3rd and 4th are coming in) and he loves to chew, drool and bite (and he’s a pretty effective biter with just two teeth).  He’s about 20 lbs these days and is slowly getting more and more chunky. He really isn’t a fan of baby food though, so we are working on that. Landri and Rex both LOVE him. Rex is really into tackling him and loving on him.  He crushes poor Ty a lot, but sometimes is sweet (see this video of them holding hands asleep in the car).  And Landri always exclaims how cute he is. She says, “Awwwwww!!!” in an adorable baby voice- I love it!

Scott Says…

M: What is the best thing about having three kids?
S: <laughs> Maybe some day they will be able to play with one another without killing one another.

M: What’s your favorite thing about Ty Baby?
S: He can now hold his bottle.

M: How is Ty different from the other two?
S: He’s not insane.

M: What sport do you think Ty will play?
S: Who knows. Probably none because Rex will make him a quadriplegic by the time he reaches the ten month mark.

M: Best part of being Ty’s dad?
S: Everything.



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