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15 Months: Tantrums, New Words & More!

I sure called it last month when I said I probably had one more monthly update for Rex before the arrival of #3! If you didn’t know, yesterday was my due date and I blogged about it here. I’m pretty worn out so this may be a bit brief today. Anyhow, Rex is now 15 months old and here’s what he’s like (besides being crazy wild and getting even more so by the day):

  • Rex gets very upset and even throws gargantuan temper tantrums sometimes when he misses baskets now (apparently Scott was the same way!)
  • Rex still LOVES balls and has really started throwing pretty hard and fast
  • Rex is scared of men with extreme facial hair
  • Rex is obsessed with Scott and also tantrums every time Scott leaves the house even if it’s just to take out the trash
  • Rex’s favorite food is probably hot dogs (he still hates vegetables, including ketchup (because it is made from vegetables))
  • Rex tries to take off his diaper all the time (he hasn’t completely succeeded yet; only gets it half way down)
  • Rex LOVES shoes. ALL shoes. Everyone’s shoes. He wants to try them all on.
  • Rex really enjoys dancing and is improving his moves.
  • Rex opens doors and escapes, i.e. all doors including the front door (which he has bailed out of twice now) MUST be locked now
  • Rex is learning more words now. He understands a lot more than he can say, but his vocabulary is now the following: Momma, Daddy, Landri, kolache (the boy likes kolaches too), buffalo, night-night, bye-bye, book, shoes, cheese (to pose for photos), and poo-poo (grabs his butt)
  • Rex weighs about 25+ lbs, still has a Buddha belly, lots and lots of teeth, a fabulous smile, and a silly laugh
  • Rex runs FAST and climbs everything, taking huge risks very often
  • Here is a video of Rex and Landri helping in the garden
  • Here is a video of Rex and Landri just being silly – love them! (he’s saying “Cheese!” because he thinks I’m taking a picture of him)

Moving right along to Scott Says…

M: Tell me something interesting about your son Rex.
S: He knows about 8-10 words.
M: What’s the best word he knows how to say?
S: Mmm…probably Dadda.

M: What is his favorite thing to do?
S: Play catch and shoot hoops.
M: What else does he love besides that?
S: The dog.

M: Tell us what Rex loves to steal out of the refrigerator.
S: The mustard bottle in the door of the fridge.
M: Why do you think that is?
S: <laughing> I don’t know.
M: What does he do with it?
S: Takes off running.

M: What is Rex’s most annoying habit?
S: Probably pooping his pants.
M: Oh, I would have said something about how he sneaks in through every door you open (fridge, pantry, bathroom, etc).
S: Yeah, that’s pretty annoying too.

M: Does Rex like toilets?
S: Loves them.
M: Why is that?
S: I don’t know why he likes them. Because he’s not supposed to be in them or around them?

M: What is your favorite thing about Rex?
S: He likes me the best out of everybody.
M: He does love you a lot. But he’s also a Momma’s Boy and gives me big hugs and then open mouth kisses me.
S: That’s strange.
M: It’s sweet.
S: You’re writing about open mouth kissing your son.
M: Well, he hasn’t learned yet that open mouth kissing isn’t appropriate!
S: <eye roll> Can I have the remote please?

M: Real quick, on baby eve, any thoughts to share about #3?
S: Not really.
M: Come on, something for posterity.
S: I really don’t have anything to say.
M: Seriously? Your brain is seriously empty?
S: I hope he is as cool as Rex.
M: Me too!
S: Can I have the remote please?

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