#3 is a…

Okay guys, it looks like I’m going to be the uber minority!  Not only am I going to be outnumbered by babies/children, but I’m also going to be outnumbered by DUDES!!!  We are super excited though and I’m ready to embrace the increased chaos (again, at this time Scott is still preparing to embrace it, LOL)!  Just for fun, here’s a look back at when we found out Rex was a boy too (Landri was a surprise).

It's a boy!!!

Shout out to my friend Gus for the blue photoshop magic!!!

3 thoughts on “#3 is a…

  1. Congratulations!!! Landry will get to be the queen bee. Rex and the baby boy will be under her complete control!!! You go girl!!!!

    Celia Catrett

  2. SO happy for y’all! Rex and Baby #3 will have a life long best friend being so close in age! Good thing Landri has little cousin Avery in her corner!

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