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Rex is 8 months (and his sister is crazy)!

My goodness! Time is a flyin! There’s so much changing about Rex these days! Probably the biggest is that he is mobile (previously posted here)! He still doesn’t have a traditional crawl (although he is very close), but his army crawl takes him everywhere he needs and wants to go. He really doesn’t like sitting very much these days because he wants to cruise around (on his tummy). If you try to set him down on his bottom on the floor to sit, he will make his body stiff as a board (not bending at the waist) so that it is pretty much impossible to make him sit. He is mostly obsessed with the blinds in the window (which makes me crazy) so on all of our low to the floor windows/doors with blinds, I have to raise them up high and hide the string pulls from him so he doesn’t bang them around like a crazy little monkey! Rex loves food, especially baby snacks. He also loves flashing, noise-making toys, being held, and standing up holding onto things. He hates being hungry, sitting (as mentioned earlier), and being left alone (sometimes). And he’s still a great sleeper – we are so lucky!

I don’t think we have had too many new “firsts” this month, although tonight will be Rex’s first playoff football game, as well as his first time to wear a snowsuit (it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEZING)! Rex did enjoy his first Halloween (yall probably saw that post here).

At the risk of sounding like a drama queen, I’m still gonna “go there,” because I try to be open about LivinWithTheLehnhoffs.  I feel a little guilty that I don’t have more input for this entry, to celebrate Rex turning 8 months old.  With Landri, as it often seems to be with the first child, the universe revolves around them and first children have more pictures, better baby books, and in this case, better blog posts, ha!  I wish I even had more time to write, but Landri and her HORRIBLE TERRIBLE TWO tantrums have pretty much taken over my life and are consuming me, day and night. Poor Rex is just along for the ride listening to the blood curdling screams and yells of Toddzilla and Mommy alike. Everyone has heard of the “Terrible Two’s” and before having kids I could only imagine what a nightmare that stage of parenthood must be like. Well, reality is that it’s about 500 BILLION times worse than my imagination could ever dream up. It’s amazing that people have more than one child after going through this awful phenomenon. But then I quickly realize that the only reason that humans are not extinct is that there are people like us who had the second kid BEFORE they saw what was in store for them (i.e. it was too late and there was no turning back). And for those of you out there who know what the Terrible Two’s are really like AND STILL decided to have more kids, even with this knowledge – my only explanation for that is literal insanity!!!  Actual, literal insanity.  Maybe Landri isn’t really that bad (and like I said I’m being a drama queen), or maybe it’s like childbirth and with time you “forget” how horrible it was (although that still has yet to be determined on the birthing part too), I don’t know. But what I do know, is that every single day is a HUGE challenge and every single day I’m amazed that I haven’t adopted some crazy drug habit to cope with my 2 year old daughter’s behavior and ceaseless tantrums. Parents of two year olds: I FEEL YOUR PAIN AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  And sorry Mom, I’m sure I was just as wild when I was 2 and I’m so glad you kept me, LOL!!!

Moving on…Scott Says…

M: Tell me about Rex these days.
S: He’s 8 months old <he probably only knows this because I just said it>. He’s starting to crawl.
M: Is he a cool baby?
S: Yes.
M: Why?
S: He’s pretty laid back.
M: I don’t know that I agree. That little dude goes pretty crazy sometimes with excitement. I think he’s gonna be a super wild, hyper little boy someday not too long from now!
S: Maybe.
M: What’s his best skill?
S: Army crawling.
M: What does Rex loves the most in this world?
S: Puffs <which is a baby snack>.
M: That’s true. That’s all he wants to eat! What does Rex hate the most?
S: Mmmm…being hungry.
M: What is his cutest feature?
S: His chunky cheeks.
M: I agree, those are cute. He cracks up too if you pretend bite them. When do you think he will potty train?
S: Well, if he’s anything like Landri, 4, 5? I don’t know!
M: So Landri isn’t potty trained?
S: Uh no, not even close.
M: Speaking of, how is Landri?
S: She’s pretty moody these days.
M: Yeah, I think that is what being called a toddler means. What does Landri love?
S: Little Bear <which is a TV show> and lollie pops.
M: Anything else?
S: Juice <which kills me because like lollie pops, I don’t give it to her>. Hot tub swimming <don’t worry, the temperature is WAY down for her>.
M: What does Landri dislike?
S: Obeying orders. Pretty much being told no on anything.
M: You haven’t mentioned football yet today. Does Landri like football?
S: Yes. She likes football.
M: Not when you’re trying to convince her that it’s more exciting to watch than Little Bear!!!
S: True.
M: What is the best of part about these two little munchkins?
S: Hanging out with them when they are happy.

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