Baby Update

Need to work on safe baby positioning in the swing apparently
Need to work on safe baby positioning in the swing apparently

We passed the 36 week mark this weekend and it dawned on me that we’ll officially be full-term in less than a week and I guess technically this baby could come any day. Considering that Landri was 13 days late, I’m really not expecting that and don’t have my hopes up at all, but you never know.  I’ve heard a lot of stories lately about second babies coming early and fast (car births!), both of which would please me to no end since not only was Landri late, but she was also an arduously long 30+ hour labor and delivery.  I’m totally cool with this baby coming early and/or even being born in the car, I don’t care!  Yesterday we hosted a wedding shower for one of Scott’s coaches and his fiancé and all of the coaches surprised US with the exact double jogging stroller that I wanted!  It was so awesome – I have never been more surprised in my entire life!!!  And it is something we really needed too and I will use every single day!  We are so blessed!  And I haven’t done a darn thing to get ready for baby #2 yet, so getting the double stroller totally inspired me, and I decided that I would start doing a couple things each day to get ready starting today.  So this morning I got out the baby swing and let Landri push her baby doll in it.  It went great until she apparently climbed into the swing while I was in the bathroom and her Daddy was supposed to be watching her (she is WAY too big for the infant swing)!  Here’s a video of her practicing her Big Sister skills before she snuck into the swing: http://youtu.be/tAn3fEVZ_Mc

Just a quick note for the pregnant people or future pregnant people that I’ve been meaning to post for a couple weeks.  In the past (my pregnancy with Landri and even this one until recently), my back has hurt all night, every night and every morning and every day.  I can never find a comfortable way to lay that doesn’t hurt.  And despite our pricy Tempurpedic mattress that we bought since Landri was born, I was sad to discover that even it was unable to keep this horrible pregnancy phenomenon from happening to me again.  Until I realized… that we spent the extra cash to buy the electronic base that allows for the head and feet to elevate.  JACKPOT MONEY!  I am so happy to report that although I still don’t sleep through the night (just being this large in general is miserable no matter what), my back is completely 100% pain free at night and in the mornings when I wake up when I elevate the head and foot of our mattress.  Scott hates it and complains nightly, but I don’t care!  Somehow he still manages to sleep through the night, LOL!  I know this isn’t a cost effective solution to pregnancy back pain, but just thought I’d throw it out there – those electronic mattress bases are freaking AWESOME and I’m sooooo glad we got it!


2 thoughts on “Baby Update

  1. We also have an adjustable bed, our sleep number has a setting called “zero G” and it’s an amazingly comfortable position with both your feet and head elevated just enough that you can sleep on your back and feel like you are floating. We both sleep like baby’s when we have the mattress in that position. So glad you found a solution to back pain.

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