Puppy Love

Puppy Love 1I imagine that I will be making a similarly titled post in the future…however, instead of involving an actual “puppy,” it will be a little boy in Landri’s class <Daddy winces here>. Back to this post though, who doesn’t love seeing a dog with a cute little human?!  Landri has really become a fan of our dog Smoke.  Bless his heart, Scott’s relentless beatings have finally taught him to tolerate her.  Just kidding, we only had to swat him a few times for losing his patience with her.  In all seriousness though, Smoke has really come a long way and puts up with quite a bit from her.  Landri loves to pet and hug him, and sadly, pull his tail.  She also likes to pretend she IS a dog, and sometimes licks the floor, her highchair or the tray of her highchair.  It makes me CRAZY!  Here’s a quick video of her petting and hugging on her brother Smoke! http://youtu.be/0yXitjCt0uQ

 Puppy Love 2

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