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Soup Recipe Alert: Glam Chowder!

Glam ChowderAs always, I got another great recipe referral from my friend Annie (coming from www.theppk.com again).  It’s a vegan Clam Chowder, but is definitely delicious!  It also makes a TON so either know that going in, or half the recipe.  And one other note, I used just one sheet of Nori because I was scared, and I think I could have definitely used a second one without it being too “fishy.”  Next time I will use at least two sheets.  It’s perfect for all this cold weather that we’ve been having!


And for those of you who aren’t interested in cooking, or vegan cooking (although this really is a great recipe), here’s a picture of our big girl sitting in her chair!  So grown up now!  And look at her little belly – so cute!

Big Girl in her Chair!

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