Coming Soon: The Ultimate “Scott Says” Interview

Scott SeriousOkay, I was kinda joking at the end of last post where I suggested that readers submit questions they’d like to hear Scott Lehnhoff answer regarding babies, toddlers, pregnancy and parenting.  However, when one of my friends submitted some awesome questions regarding a potential BFL (Baby Football League) and how Scott thinks Landri might perform in such a league, I thought this could be a fun exercise!  And since it is football season and we don’t see Daddy as much as we’d like right now, the Daddy Daycare Alerts have been pretty slow lately.  Thus, I think we could all use an in-depth interview with Scott Lehnhoff.

To submit a question you’d like to hear Scott answer, please post it on my FB wall or email me at MeganALehnhoff@gmail.com.  You can also post them to the blog as comments.  I’ll give it a couple days and conduct my official Scott Lehnhoff interview and will report back.  Of course you can definitely ask anything you’d like, but I am going to try to mainly center things around the baby/toddler/pregnancy/parenting theme.

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