Backpack Baby

I got up early, ran a quick 2 miler, and woke up my people to go hiking this morning before it got too hot. Landri, Scott and I visited the Bauer Unit of Guadalupe River State Park. This is the “hidden” section of the park across the river where the full moon hike was (see earlier post).  We did a nice little 4 miles into the riverbed.  The best part? Not seeing or even hearing another human the entire hike!  I’m telling you – this is the place to go!  No one knows about it! Anyhow, of course I was the one who backpacked Landri the entire time – I honestly just didn’t feel like listening to the complaints about how heavy she is, so easier to just carry her myself. It was a great hike overall; it was only 77 degrees when we left, and only heated up to 87 by the time we got back to the car.  Not too bad. On our hike, we enjoyed beautiful landscaping and trails, saw lots of whitetail deer, some rabbits, and an old house built in 1878!  And of course Landri took a nice morning nap towards the end of our hike (see pics)! She really did inherit her Daddy’s ability to sleep anywhere, anytime! So awesome!  Quick side note: you might have noticed my orange hat in the pictures -shout out to my cousin Joel Cordes of Bend, OR.  – “El Sancho” is a taco cart that he owns and operates in downtown Bend. If you are ever there, you’ve got to try his food! He is an amazing chef!

After our hike, we headed to the pool for some swimming. Landri had fun as usual and wore herself out. I think she liked having Scott there to play with. I swear she gets bored with just me sometimes, lol! Such a fun little Saturday. Trying to enjoy it before football starts! 🙂

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