Our Babies

I am very angry with our dog Smoke right now.  He just ate ALL of Landri’s snacks out of my diaper bag.  And it happens to be the only snacks that I had left for her until I go to the store.  These were very important snacks, meant to occupy her while I get my annual physical and blood test in less than an hour.  What Scott doesn’t understand (he got mad that I got mad at Smoke) is that 10 month old babies don’t just quietly hang out while you get your blood drawn.  RRRRRRR!!!!!  Anyhow, the point of the blood test is to see where my cholesterol is these days after eating vegan since mid-April.  I’m guessing my historically notoriously high numbers are going to be significantly lower.  I cannot wait to see and will let you guys know.

Even though I’m so mad at him right now, here’s Smoke and Landri checking each other our the other day.  Too cute!  Oh, by the way, the weird little orange ball stuffed animal is a “Monstaz” and she is OBSESSED with it.

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