Full Moon & New Tricks

Full MoonHello there!  So last night was the full moon and I did something I have been dying to do for a while now.  At Guadalupe River State Park (minutes from our house), every full moon, they do a moonlight hike!  I found out about it this past February and have had conflicts every single full moon since then until last night.  It was actually pretty cool!  We went to a secluded part of the park across the river that I did not even know existed!  I also learned that this part of the park is always open to visitors too so I definitely plan to go back and explore the 6 miles of trails over there.  I was amazed that 42 other people showed up to hike too so we had a very nice sized group.  It was only 2.5 miles over 1.75 hrs (so not physically challenging).  We stopped often for our ranger/guide to call for owls and to show us different plants/birds/animals/constellations/etc.  At the end, we got to look at the moon with a large telescope and we also even got to see Saturn and its rings!  It was really awesome!  People in SA – check it out and let me know if you ever go!  I’m down to add this to my monthly activities!  It’s great for kids/families/dates/or just for fun!

Changing subjects… Landri is growing up!!!  After days of patience and practice, Landri finally figured out how to drink out of a straw!  I know it sounds funny but I am thrilled!!!  Every morning I make myself a green smoothie, and lately I’ve been feeding it to Landri for breakfast as well.  It was a bit of a pain though because she would only eat it if I spoon fed it to her, which got hard as it melted and became more watery (green mess!).  So for the last couple of days I have been slowly training her on how to suck using a straw and the light bulb finally clicked this morning.  Now we will have to go shopping for some straw sippy cups!  So exciting!  Also, she really, really is starting to love the pool.  She gets very happy as soon as we walk outside onto the pool deck.  She starts flapping her little wings and grunting excitedly.  She is starting to explore more, splashing her hands and feet and anticipates going underwater (she closes her eyes/nose/mouth and holds her breath).  She also now voluntarily “falls” into the water from a seated position on the side all by herself, into my hands, going completely under, which is really adorable.  She has even blown bubbles about a dozen times (I think on accident because she was talking and then put her mouth in the water so bubbles came out).  Her back float has improved tremendously (she used to HATE it but now I think she might even kind of like it??)… and we are also working on our flutter kicks!  She likes to see the birds flying around and always waves at all the little kids.  Oh and yes, she still drinks the pool water on purpose.  Like ALL the time.  It’s so gross!  I don’t know how to stop her!

Anyhow, not too much else is new besides that I’m going to my third vegan cooking class this Thursday – Much Ado about Tofu!  I can’t wait!  I will share any good tips/recipes I get!


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