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10 Months: Lemons, Toilet Fishing & Landri’s Roll Tan

Sorry I’m a few days late on my post.  We just completed our drive from NC to TX (with Landri) and it’s been a little hectic around here to say the least!  Anyhow, I cannot believe that we have hit double digits already!  And that Landri is 5/6th’s of a year old!  As usual, lots to report….

Landri’s Favorite Things:

  • We play skiing where I straddle Landri on one of my knees, hold her hands, and bounce her sideways back and forth making zooming sounds, mimicking the motion of skiing over moguls. Every now and then we pause for a vertical jump. She loves it and cackles loudly with glee!
  • Lemons. This little baby loves her some fresh lemon. It could be a lemon slice or even a whole lemon; it doesn’t matter. She will find a way to break through that rind and get to that delicious fruit inside! She can literally spend an hour on a whole lemon (a half-day in baby time). And don’t be surprised when half of that lemon has disappeared because it will!
  • Landri loves little people. I don’t mean dwarfs or midgets, I just mean kids and babies, and the smaller the better.  In the last couple of weeks she has become quite increasingly aggressive towards small humans and appears to enjoy dominating them almost in an MMA fashion. It’s really funny, especially when she attacks 2-4 year old boys (“Get her off me, Mommy!!”).
  • Landri loves to wave hello and goodbye to everyone. She definitely understands the command, “Wave!”  It is crazy that her little brain is starting to comprehend English!
  • She loves pretty much all animals, but especially dogs and birds.  She even loved the sand fleas at the beach! She gets all smiley and joyful around animals – it’s really sweet!
  • Playing with new toys is one of Landri’s passions, although sometimes her attention doesn’t last too long!
  • Landri loves reading books and turning the pages. It’s amazing how she has a semi-attention span when it comes to literary activities!  Her favorite book is still Primeras Palabras (learning Spanish). I think she likes the pictures.
  • Landri likes it when you clap her feet together for her (not sure why).
  • Landri likes wearing her sunglasses even though she immediately takes them off unless she has food in both fists keeping her hands busy (then she will leave them on). You can tell she likes it even though she immediately takes them off because she smiles really big and gets so happy once you put them on. She can be crying but will stop if you put on her sunglasses! Ha!

And of course, while there are many joys in Landri’s life, there are also things that greatly displease her.  Landri does not like crawling in dresses because they get caught under her knees and prohibit her ability to move swiftly.  She also seems to still dislike sippy cups, sunscreen applications and constipation.  And now that she has started to taste big people food (will get to this shortly), she is starting to dislike baby food as it is so bland compared to Mommy’s cooking! But probably her greatest dislikes are 1) being forcefully told no (she can instantly meltdown), and 2) being restrained in any way.

Now that she is in the double digits, her skill repertoire has really grown. As mentioned earlier, she waves very well, has recently learned toilet fishing (must put down the lid!), puts her hands over her ears and screams when she is mad, has started to really talk even though it doesn’t make any sense to us, uses her fingers effectively to do things, and gets into everything (I finally learned that’s why Daddy calls her a squirrel <see 9 month post> because she’s like a little rodent getting into everything).  We also think that Landri might have learned to high five last night.  We will have to try again today and see if it’s really a new skill or not.  Oh! And she really is getting good at standing all by herself! Still no walking yet though!

So what does little Miss L look like these days?  New this month is her left top tooth, bringing her tooth count to 3! She still has her reddish brown super long hair on top of her head with blonde new growth on the sides and back. Landri still sports her Mommy’s dark blue eyes (I think they will stay blue for sure).  She is still a big girl – quite heavy (I’m guessing 23-ish pounds?).  I thought the crawling would melt her rolls, but it is taking longer than we expected.  And after spending a few weeks at the beach, Landri has gotten quite a serious little golden tan!  You can tell because if you pry open her rolls, she is white inside them and tan on the outside. We call it her “roll tan.”

In order to keep up her appearance, Landri doesn’t miss a meal and she will happily try anything!  Some recent food firsts: biscuits with spoonfuls of jelly (thanks, Daddy), cornbread, red beans and rice, potatoes, zucchini, black bean & olive tacos, olive lentil burgers, guacamole, chia pudding, sorbet, Popsicles, spaghetti, ceviche (didn’t have the meat yet), fig newtons, celery stalks, carrot sticks, lettuce, and corn.  There really isn’t anything she doesn’t like…except baby food!

Other new firsts this past month: first purple toenail (we have no idea when/how it happened), first cross country road trip, (TX to NC and back), first time at the Atlantic ocean (59-61 degrees!!), first visit to a B&B which happened to be a gorgeous Louisiana plantation, first sink bath, and her first visit to a crude oil terminal (my old company NuStar in St James, LA).  PS. Landri was very well behaved on the 24 hr car ride both directions. She could not have done a better job. We were very, very impressed with her apparent traveling skills!

There are two new hobbies of Landri that are worth mentioning… One is how at the beach she learned to pinch Daddy’s nipples with her tiny little fingers.  It is really funny because she kind of sneaks to do it and then waits and and watches for his reaction! And second, not as entertaining, Landri has started spitting out her chewed up food sometimes to look at it. Sometimes she continues to still eat it but it definitely is messy and is gross. She is fascinated though by what chewed up food looks like!

Other random odd tidbits that don’t really fit anywhere: Landri’s feet smell like big people’s (peeeee-u!)…Landri participated in a 100 yard baby marathon at DSW during a rest stop on our road trip. Basically I carried her to the very back of the shoe store and enticed her to crawl all the way to the front of the store (literally like 100 yds) to wear her out….we saw a dead alligator on the side of the road in Louisiana…Also on the road trip, Scott ordered a salad and was putting salt and pepper on it when the lid of the pepper came off and the whole container of pepper was dumped on his salad , ruining it.  This was the same evening as the May Day incident (see previous post) and poor Scott exclaimed, “…and the hits keep coming!” … Another road trip restaurant adventure – part of the ceiling of Applebee’s in Alabama collapsed next to our table, spraying dirty water everywhere. We got a new table after that… Landri is starting to get some ‘tude as in attitude.  It has to be her idea.  She may not eat her bottle if you give it to her, but will if SHE finds it and picks it up.  Also, Landri is not as scared of men as she used to be (???)…you can always tell when Landri is hot because she gets beads of sweat on her nose.

And onto the best part of the blog…

Scott Says…In case you missed it, Scott angrily proclaimed that “Bikini’s are like gateway drugs!” when I dressed Landri in a cute little baby bikini, LOL! Also great this month was his reaction to when Landri got her first stye in her eye. “Can’t we just give her the medicine I used when I got a stye?” to which I replied, “Well, we should ask the doctor first. You don’t just give kids (much less babies) adult medicine without consulting your pediatrician.”  This seemed to really confuse Scott because as he then tried to explain, [adult medications] will just work faster and better on babies because they are so strong!” I had to share this tidbit with our pediatrician and he got a good chuckle out of it!

M: Tell me about your daughter.

S: What do you want to know about her.

M: Everything. I’m giving you free reign here since you hate my usual questions.

S: I actually prefer the questions.

M: Why? Because you need direction?

S: Yeah.

M: Okay. I will also try some new/different questions for you this month. Our blog readers will be excited I’m certain!  What is your favorite memory of Landri in the last month.

S: I’m sure there is one but I just can’t remember.

M: Wow, this is going so well!  Okay. What was the most shocking thing that happened in the last month (with Landri).

S: How much she attacked all the babies.

M: Can you elaborate on this for people who weren’t there to witness these attacks?

S: No.

M: Please? People don’t know what you’re taking about.

S: <exasperated voice> She attacked all the babies! She would jump on them and yell at them!

M: What do you miss about Landri that has passed and is already gone.

S: Her inability to crawl.

M: But remember you said it will “be so great when she can crawl.”

S: I was wrong.

M: What are you looking forward to the most in the future with Landri?

S: Talking.

M: Well, with such a vociferous father, I’m sure she’ll talk a lot.

S: Probably.

M: What was the best part about beach vacation with Landri?

S: Watching her crawl in the sand.

M: Thats a lame answer! You’re not even paying attention to what you’re saying!

S: <laughing hard in agreement> Ha!

M: Okay, what was the most difficult part about beach vacation with Landri?

S: Keeping up with sunscreen.

M: Really? How did you keep up with her sunscreen? I seem to recall being the only one who ever applied it.

S: That’s a lie.

M: What three words would you use to describe Landri?

S: Cute <long pause>.

M: Yes?

S: I hate this!

M: The people want to know!

S: No one wants to know! No one cares!

M: That’s not true! Everyone always tells me they read the blog for the “Scott Says” section and it’s their favorite! Okay, so Landri is only cute?

S: She’s talkative.

M: Just like you?

S: She’s hungry.

M: <what the???> Never mind that overly challenging question. Moving on. What is your favorite Landri memory of all time?

S: From what?

M: Her whole life!

S: I don’t know.

M: OMG. You’re like talking to a rock.

S: I’m driving.

M: Right, because you’d be doing SUCH a better job if you weren’t driving.  Until next time…The End!  ~ Deep Thoughts by Scott Lehnhoff

S: You’re an idiot.

Here are some pictures via a slideshow from our trip and the last month or so… also (hopefully) a waving video via this YouTube link: http://youtu.be/lh60mJaJe8o.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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