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8 months: Swim Suit Fashion Show!

8 months

So yesterday Landri turned 8 months!  2/3’s of a year old!  It’s hard to believe that not too long ago she was a little newborn that stayed put and slept all day.  Now she is a crawling, sitting, rolling, moving, pulling up little machine of baby energy!  I’m a day late in posting because yesterday I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day!   It was a perfect one – Scott made me a special gift basket of vegan items (!) and gave me a really pretty flower necklace from James Avery.  Then he took me and Landri to Pedernales Falls State Park where we went on a fun little hike.  Scott backpacked Landri for the first mile, but after about a hundred typical male whine-y “my back hurts” and “my feet hurt” remarks, I of course had to take over and backpack our 20+ lb baby for the next 5 miles.  Clearly, I’m in much better shape than Scott, haha!  It was a lot of fun though – beautiful country and great company.

Low Water Crossing Hiking with Mommy Family Hiking Picture, haha!

Let’s see… where to start…Landri has started doing a couple of funny things.  Sometimes she starts “talking” when eating, which while adorable, is kind of annoying because she spews food everywhere!  Another funny little quirk she has picked up is using her head to balance as she pulls herself up on pieces of furniture, etc.  She kind of plants her head into the furniture to catch her balance before grabbing her next reach to get where she wants to go.  She has also discovered her little digits and is fascinated by them.  She will just stare in wonderment as she wiggles her little fingers around.  She is also very intrigued by her fingernails which she uses to scratch things (I think she likes to see what noise it will make).  She scratches her diaper, the fabric on her car seat, and the wall decal next to her changing table!

There is one weird thing about Landri that we noticed a while ago but is worth a mention.  This baby is a sweat bucket.  It shouldn’t be too hard to believe as many of you know, I sweat heavily pretty easily so clearly she inherited this from me.  What I most recently realized though, is that she sweats in weird places – especially her nose!  Yes, you can see all of her little pores on her nose sweating when she’s hot.  It’s so weird!  Like how my shins sweat.  Also totally weird, I know.  Two peas in a pod I guess!

There are a couple new firsts to report…Landri is really good at baby “solids” now such as puffs (except sometimes they get stuck in her fat hands and she can’t figure out how to get them out of her palms).  Landri also unfortunately got sick for the first time with a fever (although it only stuck around less than 12 hrs thanks to Tylenol and Motrin).  Landri has also graduated out of her plastic baby bath tub into her big girl bath seat in the real bath tub.  She really hates getting her hair washed now as it seems like water gets in her eyes more easily.  We need to work on that.  Also, as mentioned in an earlier post, Landri crawls like crazy and even pulls up to standing on foot on almost anything, even just the wall!

There are a few things that Landri loves: drinking ice water out of a straw, playing with her spoon (with or without food), playing with Tupperware on the floor, and playing with the TV remote.  She also is still a very social baby (remember 7 month post about favorite hobby being parties?) and is ready to hang out whenever there are people around!

Conversely, there are a few things that Landri dislikes: wearing a bib, loud noises (hair dryer, Vitamix, sneezing/coughing), and getting her face/nose wiped.  When I say she dislikes these things, I mean she passionately hates them.

As far as her physical attributes, Landri’s hair seems to still be growing in blonde hair, but still rocks the Donald Trump long, wispy reddish pieces on top.  She is still a (vegetarian) porker, weighing in last week at 20lb 5oz.  It is still very rare to catch a glimpse of her neck.

Just a quick update about the Jawbone UP.  I mentioned it in my previous post summarizing the cleanse. Just thought I’d let you guys know that I went ahead and returned it.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a really cool device that measures some cool stuff, but I wasn’t sure of its accuracy.  For example, one day I ran 6 miles and at the end of the day it told me my steps equated to 6.4 miles when clearly I went much farther than that.  Also, one night I got up several times to give Landri her paci and it said I only woke up once.  I just figured that for $129.99, there shouldn’t be such a large margin of error.  Didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it.  Any of you with Fitbit or Fuel Band – let me know if you like those.

I’m sad to report that Scott really isn’t playing along anymore when it comes to my interviews.  I need to come up with different questions or slyly question him when it doesn’t realize I’m documenting his responses.  But here’s what I got:

Scott Says…

M: What is your favorite thing about Landri?

S:  When she laughs.

M:  You said that last month.

S: Well, it’s still my favorite.

M: How does she laugh?

S: She cackles.

M:  What is Landri’s favorite thing?

S:  Being held.

M:  Is there anything else she likes?

S: No, not really.

M: She doesn’t like to eat?

S: She likes putting everything in her mouth.

M:  Very true.

M: What does Landri hate most?

S:  Not being held.

M: Also very true.

M: What is most surprising about Landri?

S:  Nothing.

M:  Wow.  Really?

S: What would be surprising?

M: Never mind.

M: What is Landri’s newest skill?

S:  Walking.

M:  <laughing hard>

S:  Crawling.

M: Are you glad she can crawl now?

S: Sure.

M:  Is it so much easier like you said?

S:  It’s not any harder!

M: Well, you’re never here so you don’t know how you have to chase her down.

M: What is Landri’s BEST skill?

S:  Walking. <pause> I mean crawling.

M: What about her most useful skill?

S:  Crawling.

M:  Can you elaborate on any of your answers to my questions?  People want to know what Scott Lehnhoff has to say.

S: No, no one cares.

M: That’s not true!  You’re probably their favorite part of this blog!

M: What is the best part of being a parent?

S:  Having a baby.  What do you want me to say?

M: What is the worst part of parenthood?

S:  Constantly having to carry around a baby because she cries when you put her down.

M:  What is Landri’s most unique/interesting feature?

S:  Her red hair.

M:  The last two months you said her fat little body.

S: Her fat body is nice.

M: What is your biggest fear either as a parent or for Landri?

S:  That she will grow up to be like you.

M:  WHAT?!  What does that mean?

S: Crazy.  And annoying.

M: Would you rather me come up with new questions?  Are you just getting tired of the same ones?

S: Yeah.

M:  What would you like me to ask you?

S:  Nothing.

M: Well that’s not an option.  Tell me about Landri.

S: She’s great.  Best baby ever.

awesome picklesChanging subjects, and this is really random, but I found some amazing bread and butter pickles at Whole Foods that I had never tried until today.  I really like them a lot and have a feeling that this will be my summer snack addiction.  If you’re a pickle fan, you should definitely check these out – they are delish!  For the more tame pickle fans, they also make them w/o the spiciness.

And lastly, since it’s really about to be summertime here in Texas, I thought I would have Landri do a swim suit fashion show for you!  It’s so much harder to get her to sit still for pictures now!  See pics below!

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