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Kale Salad

Kale SaladOkay so I know I’m not known for my culinary skills, but I have mastered a kale salad that everyone needs to try. Even if you THINK you hate kale, I can almost promise you that you’ll like this salad. I think it’s fairly healthy and a great way to add kale to your diet if you can’t stomach it on it’s own (like me). Scott also liked it and he is my harshest kitchen critic. I got the recipe from my mom who said she got it from HEB.

First you’ll need a couple of handfuls of chopped kale (I have been buying it already washed/cut into bite size pieces in a giant plastic bag at HEB for like $2.50).

The Dressing
* 1 T rice vinegar
* 2 T canola oil
* 1 T sesame seed oil
* 1 T frozen OJ concentrate (you know, when you buy the frozen can of OJ that you mix with water to make the juice)
* salt and sugar to taste (which I forgot to do and it was still really tasty)

The Toppings
* chopped crystalized ginger (buy in the bulk food isle or in a package)
* chopped chives to taste
* a handful or two of pumpkin seeds
* a handful or two of slivered raw almonds
* a handful or two of dried cranberries

I also added a handful of those “matchstick” carrot slivers for fun. Then mix it all up really, really well. I think the crystalized ginger just was the perfect touch and the crunch from the almonds and pumpkin seeds was nice too.

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