Springtime @ The Lehnhoff’s brings…

Well, it’s spring! The weather has been gorgeous and I’ve been digging my time outside. In fact, so has Scott, and he recently doubled the size of our garden from last year (see pictures below). The wooden box on the pole is supposed to shade his timing device for the irrigation system (I think?). Anyhow, while he was busy working, I took it upon myself to decorate his box with some pretty garden art (tee hee!). Yes, it says, “Scott’s Happy Patch” and that really is a unicorn with a heart on its butt!  I will have to post how it turns out once planted! So far we are planning on bell peppers, okra, squash, tomatoes, and lettuce.

GardenScott's Happy Patch

Pretty Garden Art    First 2013 Plants for Garden

With spring, new creatures seem to be out and about in the Texas hill country and I have a new one to add to our list. Over the years at our house we have fed whitetail and axis deer, seen beautiful foxes, hunted scorpions, wrangled snakes, spotted huge beetles and other odd and large bugs, seen two different species of tarantulas, lizards, geckos, and various birds including the road runner (my favorite). Well, today I noticed that a small, furry BAT has taken up residence on our back porch!!!  When I texted Scott a picture of it, he responded, “Cut the head off of a live chicken, it is a bad omen.”  Ha!  I did Google it though, and not sure about the chicken part, but bats IN the home are an omen of death.  Hopefully this doesn’t count since it’s outside!!!

Our latest wildlife finding!
Out latest wildlife finding!

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