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4 Months and Mommy Daycare!

Okay so I broke my blogging promise again. I swear I have a huge list of topics to share about ATL (All Things Landri) and I will get to them eventually! Here we are at four months already and our little bugaboo is getting big and strong! In the last month, she has probably grown up the most since she was born. And with my half marathon training, the end of football, the holiday season, hunting season, and the US Army All American Bowl, and Scott’s new temporary position at work, things have been pretty darn hectic around here – so much so that I’m lucky if I get a shower every couple days. Just kidding… kinda.

Probably one of the most exciting pieces of news to share is that I have resigned from my job as a Domestic Crude Scheduler at NuStar Energy to be a stay at home mom! I am going to miss my boss and colleagues the most as well as the work, but I am thrilled to be able to spend lots of time with our little precious girl. I still don’t know my last day but imagine it’ll be in about two weeks so we’re definitely in the final countdown! I never guessed I’d be voluntarily giving up my career (and amazing benefits) in a million years, but I’m a huge sucka for some Landri! Today I realized that it’s been about a week since the last poopy diaper I changed (since she’s in daycare all day). So weird to not be taking care of my own kid and as gross as it sounds, I’m ready for some good old fashioned baby dump!

So four months. Crazy! Probably the biggest advancement is her rolling skills. She learned tummy to back first but now also rolls back to tummy. She is a huge fan of sleeping on her side. It is really sweet. I will post one of her first rolling videos below. She has also really been developing her hand-eye coordination and reaches for toys and tries to play (still learning). She is outgrowing many of her baby devices (Nap Nanny, Bouncers, etc) and now easily sits up in the Bumbo and Jumperoo. She notices more things these days… the garage door opening was pretty exciting the first time she noticed that! She also loves to suck on her pointer finger and usually has a self-inflicted hickey on it!

This month we had many more firsts: her first time in a real swing (she wasn’t so sure she liked it yet), her first pedi-cab ride downtown, and her first trip to the River Walk. Funny things happen all the time… like when I was eating my Chinese food while carrying her in the Baby Bjorn and an hour later found a noodle smashed inside her little fist! Another hilarious happening that I have been waiting for since the moment I found out I was pregnant, was when Landri blew it out on her dad for the first time. I mean, he had changed really bad poopy diapers, but she had never violently spewed liquid green stinky poop all over him and herself while in his arms. I seriously had DREAMED of this. So sure enough, one night Scott comes sprinting into the bedroom at full speed, arms stretched out holding her, screaming bloody murder. My first thought was that they both were stung by scorpions or something. He thrust her in my face and started stripping off his clothes as fast as lightning. It was about at this time that I realized she was covered in poop. Apparently, if you are male, baby poop has an acidic reaction to your skin, burning such that you must instantly GET IT OFF YOU no matter what! So at our house we are learning how to take care of the baby first, then ourselves. It’s our biggest childcare developmental opportunity. Anyhow, whenever Landri starts her poop squeal, Scott starts to sweat and get nervous, asking her if she is filling her britches. And then she does! So funny!

When asked what his favorite thing about Landri at four months, Scott says, “how she can entertain herself now for a little while.” He also says that HER favorite thing is to sleep in bed with mom and dad and I have to agree. We have probably already made a big boo-boo with that one!! Eek! Well, to be fair, she sleeps in her pack and play until she fusses at some point and then I usually put her in bed with us because she sleeps so soundly with us. Problem is… that used to be at like 6am, then 5am, now sometimes 4 or 3am…seems like she keeps slowing training us to keep her in bed for longer and longer. What a clever little girl! But we need to stop!! Maybe after I quit work, we’ll actually put her upstairs in her big crib! We’ll see…

Below are her 4 month iPad pictures. I put her in an Aggie cheerleader outfit to honor Gendy her Aggie Grandma (and since they had such a great year!). Scott is appalled that I put her in this (not sure if that is because it’s A&M or because it’s a cheerleader outfit). And her other outfit would be perfect for the rodeo, but since it probably won’t fit next month, we had to snap a few pics in it now. So cute! Thank you Devin for both outfits!

4 month cheerleader

4 month lil cowgirl..

4 month lil cowgirl

2 thoughts on “4 Months and Mommy Daycare!

  1. Megan, I love reading your updates. So happy for you and your decision to be a stay at home mommy. You will never regret it. Landri is just precious!

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