Gifting Giving Gold (Pyrite?) & Daddy Daycare Alerts!

It’s late and I have work tomorrow, but I wanted to make a quick post to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We enjoyed our time with our new baby girl and had a blast with family and friends. I must agree that holidays are much more fun with a little one around! And I have a list of things to blog so hopefully you’ll be seeing some new posts more often in the next couple of weeks.

As much as I would love to say that the gifting highlight of the day was some fancy blinking and talking toy for little Landri, I have to admit that it was a gift that I received from my loving husband that stole the show. Those of you who know us have probably heard some stories in the past about “creative” gifts I have gotten from Scott. And this year was no exception as I got a wooden spoon! Yes, a large spoon made of wood to be used during cooking. No, no, I know what you’re thinking. It was hand carved by an Indian in a small south American village. Sorry to disappoint folks, but it still had the $1.99 sticker from World Market on it. What’s notable here though, is that we have approximately four wooden spoons identical to this one amongst our kitchen supplies. When I asked Scott (between my hysterical laughter) why he thought A) we needed yet another wooden spoon and B) why he thought it would make a good Christmas gift, he replied that when he spied it at the store he immediately thought, “Awesome! That will fit in a stocking real good!” Well, …. So would a bloody syringe or a used disposable chopstick – doesn’t mean it should go in a stocking, LMAO! I guess when Scott Christmas shops, he roams the isles of stores looking for long skinny objects. Sorry, I don’t know if this is as funny to anyone else as it is to me! I’m just still laughing! I got a wooden spoon for Christmas!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

And while we are on the topic of Scott, on Christmas Eve he inspired a new segment for my blog: Daddy Daycare. I think these are gonna be a lot of fun and a big hit with my blog followers! When I observe “interesting” things that happen to Landri while in the care of her father, I will post a Daddy Daycare Alert. You know, things like dressing her in mismatched clothes or putting her onesie on top of her pants, things like that. I’m sure the moms out there know what I’m talking about. Well, the first Daddy Daycare Alert is pretty cute – and I’m not sure how he even made this work! Can you tell what’s wrong with this pic? 😉

Toodles for now!

Daddy Daycare 12-24-12

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