Mom Badge

Technically I think I earned my Mom Badge for my 30+ hour labor, but if there was ever any doubt, I think the photo below answers that.  The last few days before I went back to work, poor little Landri got sick for the first time with none other than the dreaded stomach flu.  It started with her vomiting an extremely excessive amount into my cleavage as I had her strapped to my chest in the Bjorn carrier facing me.  I just couldn’t get her out fast enough!  I ultimately just gave in and accepted the warm flow of baby lava that had violently erupted into my bra.  Thank goodness we were at home and my mom happened to be there to help me clean the two of us up.  Then Landri stopped wanting to eat for a few days, started with the explosive diarrhea, and had one more gargantuan puke (hence the photo).  That one was extra sad because somehow she face planted into my chest afterwards and her entire face was covered in baby barf!  Her little eyelashes were caked!  Poor girl!  Oh and the smell!  Actually, you can’t really call it a smell.  Its pungency is that of a stench.  But I am happy to report that it has already come and gone and all that still  lingers is one chapped little bottom that we are working hard to correct with Daddy’s arsenal of butt creams!

Baby Barf 1

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