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My Little Traveling Baby

Well, we survived our first airplane ride and Landri can add Nebraska to her travel log!  I totally thought I would have at least a small handful of stories about ear popping meltdowns and screamfest 3000 galore, but there honestly isn’t too much to report!  On the way to Omaha, we made it through security quite smoothly, boarded our plane and braced ourselves for take-off.  I fed Landri a bottle during our ascent and everything was great until I heard that unmistakable “poop squeal” of hers.  Turns out, girlie unloaded a big one during take off and I started to panic about having forgotten a back-up outfit in the event of a blowout.  But, we waited until the fasten seat belt sign was turned off and got our first (and only) airplane diaper changing experience.  It was cramped in there for sure, but we somehow managed to avoid disaster.

My cousin’s wedding was so much fun and visiting with and seeing our family was also a blast.  Landri got to meet her other great-grandparents, many of her first cousins once removed as well as even some second cousins!  We also were still able to keep up our running and put some more miles on the good ole’ jogging stroller.  I even survived the wheel falling off as we ran down a hill.  That was scary!  To the parents and future parents out there: lesson learned: always check all wheels before stroller use!

On the way home, our trip was equally as smooth.  The only notable story is that when going through security, because I didn’t want the TSA agents opening up Landri’s bottles (germs?), I was subjected to a “pat down” search instead.  Actually, they should have just told me they were going to grope me because that would have been much more accurate.  Okay, so I *slightly* exaggerate – she used the back of her hand in the “sensitive” areas, but seriously, it was the most ridiculous pat down I have ever had.  It literally took five minutes and they covered EVERY inch of my body.  Like, EVERY INCH.  The places you think they might skip – – – nope, they got those too.  Twice.  And nice and sloooooooooooow.  I seriously was waiting for them to tell me that they were going to do a body cavity search – it was that intense.  Then I had to wait another two minutes while the lady then tested her gloves.  I wasn’t allow to touch my shoes, the bottles, the baby, nothing (while I waited).  It was pretty insane.  I’m sorry, but TSA sucks.  They are the most inconsistent entity on the planet.  Even Olive Garden’s spaghetti is more consistent.  When I left San Antonio, they were completely cool with me not opening my bottles and I didn’t have to endure Grope Fest 2012.  Yet in the next airport, it was a whole different story.  Reminds me of the time that Scott got through the airport with a knife (it was an accident but undetected none the less).  I’m all for safety and am totally against terrorists (duh), but how come it is always a different experience with those people?  Oh and by the way, I didn’t take out any liquids (besides the bottles) even though I had them, and they didn’t care.  WTH?!  But anyways, going back to my rant about the invasive body search, I guess the reason that I was antsy and extra annoyed was that OF COURSE going through this ordeal, Landri blew it out and as I had carried her through the metal detector before the body search, I noticed that poop was in fact leaking through her clothes.  So when they made me set her into her carseat for the extreme body expedition, I was worried the poop would start leaking onto the fabric of her carseat.  Thankfully it didn’t, and I was able to finally clean her up and change her once they cleared me.

So, long story short, Landri didn’t make a peep on any of my four flights!  If the airlines still gave out those wing pins of my childhood, she would have earned some for sure!

Stay tuned for next time… a Bjorn full of baby vomit and a mom’s first day back to work!


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