Random Baby Update – 6 Weeks

Today Landri is exactly 6 weeks old and I’m exactly 1,722 weeks old, not that I’m counting – ha!  And interestingly, we were both born on Hump Day!  Not only do I get to celebrate my birthday today with my new baby girl, I also get to start my half marathon training for the Austin 3M as my doc gave me clearance to resume life as usual!  I hope that Landri *really* likes covering miles with me, although this won’t be her first rodeo as I did three half marathons while pregnant with her.  In fact, we even survived a dog attack while training and Mommy has the scars to prove it!  Now I always carry large rocks in her stroller and I’ve mentally prepared myself to kill any dog with my bare hand that attacks either of us.  There WILL BE bloodshed and this time it won’t be ours.

On a less gruesome note, are you looking to save a few bucks at the pumps?  Folks, this may be a bit random, but I have a solution for saving money on gas!  Since the arrival of our beloved, obviously my days of topping 100 mph are gone – – okay, those flew out the window when I traded my Beamer for a Volvo, but even though, since taking possession of this precious cargo, my average miles per gallon has improved from 18.7 to 20.7 as now I drive like I’m 5,166 weeks old, and for the non-mathletes out there, that’s 99 years old.  Moral of the story? If you want to save money on gas, just have a baby!…or just pretend you’re driving one around!

Cool things Landri has now: a birth certificate, social security card, medical insurance, and baby acne all over her chubby little cheeks!  We are definitely growing up for sure!

Update on “crazy hair!”  I feel very fortunate about Landri’s plethora of hair and lack of baldness as it is very entertaining in all its mangy glory.  Apparently the Reverse Mullet is a versatile hairstyle.  As you can see in the photo <insert photo>, it easily converts from the awkward Reverse Mullet into a quite spectacular Mohawk.  And since she is suffering an outbreak of acne, I was thinking of dressing her up as a teenager for Halloween, hahaha!  And speaking of pictures, here are a few of the results of Landri’s newborn photo shoot in case you didn’t see them yet.  What a doll!


Love Bug is stirring…. Toodles!

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