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Landri’s One Month Baby Resume

I think we are in denial that today marks Landri’s one month birthday.  It is insane how fast our lives are flying past us!  I thought I’d give a little update about what has transpired in the last month and what Landri’s Baby Resume looks like these days.  Long post warning!

Landri has several hobbies that she enjoys besides pontooning (mentioned in previous posts).  First of all, she loves a good sucker.  We have discovered that having a few different kinds of pacifiers around is almost required at all times.  This girl is a Paci Connoisseur and likes to switch it up often!  Another activity that she enjoys is bath time.  Since her umbilical cord fell off and her cute little belly button healed nicely, we have graduated from sponge bath to big girl bath in the plastic baby tub.  Her favorite part is getting the soap rinsed out of her hair at the end.  She also enjoys the after-bath events: getting her “baby massage” with lotion as well as gettin’ her some Baby Crack (a.k.a. baby gas drops).  We named it Baby Crack because it might as well be crack for babies as it brings extreme happiness and pleasure.  What does her love of the bath time routine say to me?  That she likes to be pampered and will be getting mani/pedis with Mommy in a few short years!  Another hobby that Landri enjoys is what we call “Bjorning.”  This is where we wear her strapped to one of our chests in a little carrier (this is how I get my shopping done most of the time).  Other activities that are a hit with our little sweat pea are being held, napping, stretching her arms and legs (does it ALL the time!), and being “shushed.”  As far as favorite outfits go, I would say that Landri likes the Wombie the best although if she could talk I don’t think she would admit to that.  It’s basically just a super tight sack that goes around her entire body except her head/face.  She seems to fight it initially but succumbs to its snugness and sleeps happily in it (picture posted). From a dad’s perspective, when asked what activities he thinks Landri enjoys, Scott said, “eating, sleeping, pontooning, and occasionally laying on her Baby Einstein Activity Mat.”

While there are activities that our munchkin enjoys, there are things that she strongly dislikes.  1) Wet diapers are only tolerated for seconds (not minutes) unless she is sound asleep.  2) Car seat straps that go over her shoulders and touch her neck cause her to scream bloody murder until you pull her shirt up to protect her skin.  3) Tooting.  She just doesn’t like it most of the time.  Such a little lady!  4)  Hunger.  Not a fan of hunger.

I think the most surprising thing about Landri (to me), is how long, fast, and sharp her little talons (a.k.a. fingernails) grow.  Seems like I trim and file them every few days while she naps.  It is also amazing to me how much newborns sleep.  I always worry, “she won’t sleep tonight because she slept all day!”  Yet then she still sleeps at night.  Kind of amazing.  Scott says the most surprising thing about her is how much she hates a wet diaper and how much she loves to pontoon.  We are hoping she potty trains easily!

To me the most interesting feature of Landri is her hair.  I have dubbed it the Reverse Mullet as it is short on the sides and back and long on top.  When asked independently of what I said, Scott’s response to what Landri’s most interesting feature was the same – her hair.  He just says it is “untamed” and “crazy.”  At birth I recall him calling it “mangy.”  So mean but hilariously true at the same!

Being that she is one month old, Landri’s list of baby skills has been growing.  She is capable of crying at several different ‘levels’ now and we are starting to learn them: the “I’m fussy, pay attention to me,” the slightly more urgent “I’m upset, pay attention to me,” and the almost inconsolable “DEAL WITH MY EMERGENCY.”  A few other baby skills she has been developing are picking up her head, using her legs to push off things, trying to roll to her side, and burping.  Skills that seem to be on the horizon are learning to smile (we’ve seen a few although we think they have mostly been on accident) and finding her fingers.  I will try to remember to post a picture of her sucking her thumb.  She doesn’t have it quite down yet but is getting there.  When asked what Landri’s skills are, Scott’s response was, “What skills?  She doesn’t have any skills.”  LOL.

As far as major accomplishments go, there are a few items to note.  On the day she turned 4 weeks, she made it through the entire night sleeping and basically has been doing that the last couple of days as well (yay!).  On the flip side, I was excited to report that she is still free of diaper rash, however, yesterday it appeared for the first time (boo!).  You may remember from one of my first posts that Scott is amazed by all of the different types of butt cream on the market, so I have no doubt that little Landri’s bottom will soon be rash free again.  And lastly, again, her ability to blow out diapers at such a young age is remarkable!  Scott says her biggest accomplishment is sleeping through the night.

There are so many things that I love about Landri: her sweetness, her cute little nose, those pudgy cheeks, etc.  I could list a hundred things.  But if I was forced to select my top three faves, they would be: 1) Her burp face, 2) Her poop face, and 3) Her smell (to be clear, I like her baby smell, not her smell when she burps and poops even though she looks adorable doing it)!  When you attempt to burp Landri, she just has the cutest look on her face as you whack her on the back, trying to force out a mini-man burp.  Luckily, I get to see this several times a day!  When Landri poops, she does what appears to be a fake smile accompanied by an intense little grunt (swiftly followed by toot sounds).  While it is totally disgusting, you cannot help but laugh out loud when you watch this go down.  The good news is that you have a few seconds warning before having to deal with a messy diaper and at least you get a little bit of entertainment before the stench sets in!  Scott says that his favorite thing about Landri is “her cute little nose,” “the way she passes out when she is getting burped sometimes,” and “the way she looks when she is asleep.”

Landri is quite the little traveler, even if it is mostly only around town.  In her first month, she has been to various offices for appointments, grocery stores, clothing stores, the pharmacy, various restaurants, among others.  Probably most exciting were DSW (gotta start a girl’s love of shoes early!), Dry Comal Creek Vineyard for wine tasting on our anniversary, and Nagels Gun Shop to buy Daddy a rifle!  Sadly we haven’t made it to one of Daddy’s football games yet.  There has only been one home game since she was born and it started pouring rain on our way there so we didn’t go.  Hopefully we will get to go to one soon because she has that awesome football/bear hat (picture in earlier post).

Happy One Month, Landri!  We love you and cannot wait to see you grow!  I’m posting an official One Month pic of her in her Halloween skeleton costume from my cousin Kim Russell.  It is adorable!  For size reference, the “1 month” sign is an iPad.  Hopefully I can remember to take monthly pictures next to it for comparison as she grows.

3 thoughts on “Landri’s One Month Baby Resume

  1. First of all Bjorn will be glad to know that Scott knows the proper name and calls it an activity mat.
    Secondly, she is adorable and can’t wait to see her again.
    Thirdly, great job of blogging. It will be great to be able to go back and read these. However, your great blogging makes me realize that I pretty much suck at blogging:)

    PS, for the diaper rash love Aquaphor.

  2. Once again if there was a thumbs up to click for “Like” I would. Love all the details you share! Enjoy hearing about Landri’s first month of life and her parents’ thoughts.

  3. I’ve been a little behind, but am slowly catching up. I love reading this, and you and Landri will love it for years to come. Miss you and hope to see you all again soon.

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