Twilight Delight

There’s nothing quite like being 40 weeks pregnant, especially at the end of August in Texas.  You keep your A/C at 68 degrees max, and at the end of a long day, you turn off the lights, ease yourself into bed, under the cool sheets, praying that you sleep well and don’t toss and turn too much like you did the night before.  And the night before.  And the night before….And the… (you get the picture)…

And then you suddenly feel a sensation of F-I-R-E as you realize instantly without even looking, that you just got tagged by a scorpion between your toes.  You react with a kick which apparently flicks the little monster, spreading its love to your hand now.  Oh how fun, to be at your most un-nimble, watermellon in tow, tangled in the sheets in the dark with a predatory arthropod.

Cheers to 40 weeks and my exterminator who just got fired (Scott)!

3 thoughts on “Twilight Delight

  1. I hate myself for laughing at this post, because it’s not funny. But I must say, you have a gift for storytelling, Megs!

  2. It’s karma, Megan. I told you not to kill them. Andrew just gave me this really old book he found in his parent’s basement. Yoga for new Americans or something or another. I happened to turn to some page where the author was talking about how he heard about how some yogis could like communicate with animals or some BS. The author had been struggling with an aunt infestation and no matter what he did extermination-wise they kept coming back. So, one day, he got down on the floor and talked to the ants and told them he would not kill them anymore if they would not come in his house again. He claims it worked. LOL. Maybe take your Scorpion Hunter light outside and have a heart to heart. or make scott do it.

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