Star Baby

Thank you for all of the posts – great to hear from everyone!

Today we had a doctor’s appointment and learned that not much has changed over the last two weeks – still hot, sweaty, large, and waddling along!  Doctor’s prediction is that we will probably make our due date on Aug 31 (currently 9 days away).  Everything is going great – I just have the normal “late pregnancy” complaints so I can’t be too unhappy with that.  Somehow our discussion with the doctor today ended up being about episiotomies and every single time the doctor mentioned the word “episiotomy,” Scott fumbled and dropped my hair clip that he was holding for me…. literally about ten different times.  Every. Single. Time. the doctor said it.  Funny how Scott suddenly seems to be changing his tune; it wasn’t too long ago this summer during our Labor & Delivery class that I recall him proclaiming, “Episiotomies are no big deal.”  This whole birth thing should be pretty interesting!

So we have given Baby L a new nickname: “Star Baby” after its new favorite activity.  Seems to be that this baby has a new habit of stretching its arms like airplane wings and stretching out its legs making a letter “V”, thus forming itself into the shape of a star.  You can feel its little apendages stabbing through my belly.  It’s actually quite unpleasant!

Until next time…cast your vote for whether or not you think it’s a boy or girl!

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