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Arizona: Acupuncture, Float Therapy & More!

Wow! What a fabulous trip! I was able to successfully navigate another adventure on only juice (read part 1 about my Juice Feast here; trip was on days 63 & 64). I must say, it sure is an amazing feeling to return from vacation feeling completely refreshed, rejuvenated, and not all bloated from eating and… Continue reading Arizona: Acupuncture, Float Therapy & More!

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Big Bend: Potential Baby #4, Emergency Chopper & Lots More!

You’ve been officially warned: long post alert! This is a very detailed summary of our recent trip to Big Bend National Park. If you’re interested in a trip there someday, check this out! Otherwise, maybe just scroll through the pictures – it’s a lot of detail. I will try to post pics along with my… Continue reading Big Bend: Potential Baby #4, Emergency Chopper & Lots More!