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Coming Soon: 50 miles

50_miles_ultra_crazy_sticker_ovalThis is it! If all goes as planned, one week from now my friend Christy and I will have run 50 miles (in a row). I don’t think I have ever felt more prepared for anything in my entire life.  According to my RunKeepeer, I’ve put in more than 1,400 miles on the pavement since I made this commitment back on Aug 2, 2016. That is like running from my house in San Antonio, TX to the Outer Banks, NC (actually a little farther, lol)! I have all kinds of awesome gear to help support me in this race and short of getting sick or having some kind of silly injury (sprained ankle or something unlucky), I cannot see any other outcome besides kicking some you-know-what! I am seriously excited and totally pumped. I’ve never looked more forward to any race in my whole life – which is bizarre because I’m sure there will come a point where this race will transition from not only a physical challenge, but to a mental one as well, and I fully expect to struggle. But I’m ready. I have worked SO hard preparing for this race. I haven’t missed a single training run which in the last month or so even included back to back marathons and two 50k+’s. My goal is to finish injury-free and under 12 hours. I will definitely write a recap after I get home with all of the fun details! Please pray for our health and safety next weekend! Stay tuned!

XO, Megan

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon: 50 miles

  1. Hi Megan!
    I’ve read almost all of your posts and I have to finally tell you that you’re my hero!
    Your commitment to a vegan lifestyle despite others that you live closely too, not following that path, and publically sharing your goals and triumphs with the community, is beyond admirable to me!
    I thank you for accepting the invitation to come to NuStar and share your life with us. You’ve always had such an amazing energy and obviously you have connected deeply with that energy.
    I’m 53 and I just started running last week, using the couch to 10K app. (I just picked an app out of the hundreds available)
    You are an amazing human being to me!!!

    1. Dave,

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your note – it made my day! I’m honored and flattered to have been invited to speak at NuStar and hope I don’t disappoint! 😉 So proud of you for your weight loss journey too and getting into running now – that is very exciting! You’ll have to keep me posted! Looking forward to next month!


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