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Another Knight Win!

Oh my goodness. I just realized that I never posted about last night’s game. My kids, my lack of sleep, my exhaustion, and my life in general, are slowing catching up to me! So yes! The Knights defeated New Braunfels Canyon 21-14. The little Lehnhoff’s were there in full force, hovering around everyone with popcorn or candy like a swarm of flies (sorry to the fans whom my children assaulted)! They had a blast though, and thoroughly wore themselves (and me) out. Ty saw Knitro up close and shook like a little leaf, he was so scared. But he conquered his fears and high fived the mascot several times – I was impressed! He still didn’t want too much to do with Knitro though and wouldn’t let me hand him off for a photo opp. Anyhow, onwards we march, with only three regular season games left until playoffs (East Central @ home, Wagner away, and Clemens @ home)! Go Knights Go!

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