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My First Professional Yoga Photo Shoot

Recently, I was hired to do a yoga photo shoot for a local marketing company.  It was less than a week after my marathon, which in case you didn’t read about, I massively negative split, and PR’ed not only my marathon time by 44 minutes, but also my half marathon time in the second half of the race by about 3 minutes!  Needless to say, I was still quite sore at the time of the shoot, and getting into some of these poses was definitely a challenge. Seeing the photos now from the shoot is bittersweet – I’m currently injured and out of commission from yoga for the last several weeks.  You may have caught it in another post, but basically I have a wrist fracture that is causing me issues. I’m seeing a specialist next week so hopefully I will at least have some answers then. Anyhow, the shoot was a blast and I got some great photos that I wanted share!  Ty and Rex made brief appearances too, LOL!  Namaste, friends!  XX


4 thoughts on “My First Professional Yoga Photo Shoot

  1. You continue to amaze and inspire me with everything you do Megan!! You’re a true super mom.

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