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Ty Baby is 8 months!

So this was a real text I sent to a couple friends the other day: “Ty is teething on a sling shot right now. Never mind that none of my kids are old enough to have/use one.”  This is seriously the story of my life. And if I think it’s crazy now, I have a feeling that I haven’t seen anything yet.  Ty is still immobile and doesn’t fight (back at least) with his siblings yet!  But the other day, while on a picnic in a remote location, Ty somehow swiped Landri’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of her hand and shoved that choking hazard and potential allergen (peanut butter) right into his mouth!  It was my first glimpse into the future and what things might be like.

Ty continues to be a sweet baby; generally very happy, smiling and sticking his tongue out a lot. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of motivation to move at all and that makes me so happy. I can’t handle much more at the moment. He’s finally eating actual baby food (that took FOREVER), and he seems to be growing a lot lately. I’ll be curious to see his stats at his 9 month checkup next month. He talks all the time and usually sounds like Daffy Duck or a chicken – it’s pretty cute. He’s got 4 (bottom) teeth and his top two look like they may break through in the next couple of weeks and perhaps explain his occasional random meltdowns. The “big kids” adore him – maybe too much, as I find him buried beneath their huge bodies and have to rescue him a few times daily at the minimum. Ty also seems to find an awful lot of stickers, Barbie shoes, etc and I think that removing choking hazards from his mouth will probably become a large part of my day once he becomes mobile.  He is growing so fast though, and I’m trying to soak up all of these last precious baby moments with him because he’ll be a toddler in a few short months.

Scott Says…

M: How old is Ty now?
S: 8 months.
M: Impressive.

M: What is Ty’s best skill?
S: Ty has zero skills.
M: Seriously?

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty?
S: He talks like a chicken.

M: Describe what Ty looks like these days.
S: Starting to fill out. Blonde hair. Has brown eyes.

M: What is Ty’s biggest developmental opportunity?
S: Rolling and standing.
M: I was going to say sleeping through the night on a regular basis.


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