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Ty is a Half Year Old!

Ty Baby is a half a year old! I can’t believe I’ve had three kids for half a year already! I should be a pro, yet somehow I’m still figuring it all out, haha!

Ty is generally a wonderful baby – very chill and easy going. And no, I don’t think this means he will be a chill toddler, because I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t work like that. Rex too, was a very chillaxed baby, yet he is hell on wheels now, hence my reasoning that Ty will likely follow in Rex’s tiny footsteps, and with them just barely over a year apart, they will just be double trouble.  But yes, for now Ty is very sweet and happy almost all of the time. Sadly though, he still wakes up to eat in the middle of the night, and due to numerous ear infections, I haven’t been able to sleep train him. He’s currently clear though so I need to try again. I’m sick of not sleeping and am very jealous of Scott who admitted to our pastor this morning at church that he had no idea that Ty doesn’t sleep through the night yet. What the?????

So Ty is getting big! And even though he is almost 20 lb, he’s still about a pound less than Rex was at this age.  Ty however, is a bit taller though, so it should be interesting to see how it shakes out.  Ty has pretty much lost all of his birth hair (dark) and seems to be growing new blonde hair. His eyes are definitely not blue like Landri and Rex, but they aren’t definitely brown yet either (although I predict that’s how they end up). Right now they are a hazel-y brown.

Ty loves to smile and laugh and enjoys time with his siblings. They entertain him quite well and he clearly lights up when they come around (excluding the occasional toddler accident such as squashed fingers etc).

He hasn’t had any huge notable firsts besides his first visit with Santa which went well (he will go to anyone).  He has started big boy baths (in the big bath tub) with his sibbies – so that’s been fun.  And crazy.  Other than that, I can’t think of anything – it’s been status quo around here lately. Yeah, I’m still in survival mode. Big surprise.

Scott Says…

M: What are Ty’s greatest dislikes?
S: Squash?
M: OMG! Good call!  I really am losing it! How did I forget to blog that! Ty ate his first real meal (squash) and pretty much hated it! <video>

M: What 3 words would you use to describe Ty?
S: I don’t have three words.  He’s little.
M: What would you like to share about Ty then?
S: He’s a good baby.
M: That’s what I said too.

M: What is Ty’s best skill?
S: He doesn’t have any.
M: That’s not true. Come on.
S: Eating.

M: What is Ty’s cutest feature?
S: His nose.
M: Weird. I would have said his dimples.

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