Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween!  I can’t believe it’s NOVEMBER! That means it’s almost playoffs, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s! Insane!  The kids enjoyed Halloween and all of the fun fall festivals and activities like pumpkin carving that go along with this time of year. They also got to do crazy sock and hat day at school. For Halloween, Landri was Princess Anna from Frozen, Rex was a monkey again (both he and Landri were monkeys last year) and Ty, well, he didn’t have a costume. I had huge (Pinterest) hopes for him to be a spider in a web while I carried him in his baby carrier strapped to me. Long story short, after a lot of effort, it didn’t work and he didn’t have a costume for his first Halloween. I just keep winning Mom of the Year awards right and left! Anyways, we had a great time as always! I just love Halloween!!!

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