Staying Sane: Finding Humor

Landri and Rex 08.10.15Toddlers definitely can drive you nuts, but they also say and do the funniest things.  I jotted down a few little stories for your entertainment.  Maybe I’m the only one that finds humor in them, but hoping that’s not the case, and that this brings a smile to your Monday afternoon!


So when we were most recently at the hospital for Ty’s birth, and Landri and Rex came to visit us and meet their new baby brother, Landri made quite the observation. For those of you who don’t know (and sorry if this is TMI, but I will try to describe as least graphically as possible), after giving birth, it’s like having the biggest period of your life.  It’s the worst the first few days, and so while you’re in the hospital, you wear these GINORMOUS pads. Imagine the biggest pad you can imagine and then (at least) quadruple that.  Well, Landri followed me into the bathroom when I had to go, and upon seeing my enormous pad exclaimed in a state of complete utter shock, “But you’re not little?????!!!” She seriously thought it was a diaper! And who would blame her? LOL!


Scott recently taught Landri to taste/eat the mint and basil plants from our herb garden. Good in theory right? Except that she then translated this to: eat any dang plant ya like!!! … She literally rips handfuls of leaves off random plants and stuffs them in her mouth!! … which has included poisonous plants such as Oleander and Mountain Laurel berries!  So I found myself having the conversation about herbs versus regular plants. “We only eat herbs and plants from your garden.”  Sheesh!  Like, does Oleander even taste good??!


Landri is learning about potty training (and that everyone goes).  One day we were at HEB when she pointed to a lady shopping next to us and shouted, “Her go poo-poo!!!”  Yeah, not embarrassing at all.  And similarly, any time I need to potty while shopping, Landri proudly announces, “Mommy need to poo-poo!!” as we head towards the bathroom. Come on, Landri! Really? Haha!


Also, it’s amusing the things that you notice after parenting a toddler.  Anytime I see a school bus, motorcycle, tractor, or any kind of heavy machinery while driving, I now have an auto-response to shout it out!  “LOOK!!!  BERNIE BACK HOE!!!!” or maybe even sing it out, “THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND!!!”


And along the same lines, because Landri can, I too can tell you the exact location of every fire hydrant in our neighborhood (and what color it is).

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