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2015 Steele Spring Game

Oh my goodness I cannot believe that spring football is already over!  That means this baby could be arriving soon, although I keep telling myself it will be another month.  If he’s anything like the last two, he’ll come 4 weeks from yesterday even though he’s due in 2 weeks.  So I’m trying really hard not to hold my breath.  Anyways, despite being the most exhausted that I’ve been in a while, we all had a great time tonight.  Landri and Rex were on cloud nine, running around wild after the game.  They were also exhausted and after Screamfest 3000 on the car ride home, they both finally passed out and I was able to transfer them to bed without waking them – phew!!!  Oh!  And that reminds me, despite talking HUGE game all day about hugging Nitro and not crying when she sees him, Landri totally freaked out when she spotted him, imagine that.  Some things just don’t change.  Rex on the other hand, gave Nitro a couple high fives and also even let Nitro hold him for a photo!  He wasn’t overly happy about it, but he definitely wasn’t flipping out.  I will say one thing, the hugest understatement ever spoken aloud, is that this football season is going to be INSANE with these two and a 3 month old.  Bring it on!!!

One thought on “2015 Steele Spring Game

  1. I cannot imagine landri and rex getting so big and adorable. Alawys reading your post it big enjoyment to now how great y’all are doing.me and jeremy are expecting Are third little Bundle in December.

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