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Healthy & Tasty Sugar Cookies

I feel like I have so much to post about: another great zucchini spiralizer recipe for all the vegetable gardeners out there, a Sadhana update (I finished my first one and started a second one), and just lots with the kids (namely an exciting potty training update)…BUT, this morning Landri and I decided to bake some vegan sugar cookies, and not only was it a blast, but so easy and actually REALLY tasty and healthy!!!  http://www.ChocolateCoveredKatie.com has been my favorite dessert site for some time now, and so it should come as no surprise that the cookie recipe came from her!  I happened to have everything in my pantry already – but one ingredient was kinda weird – almond meal – which was luck that I had (found it in the bulk isle at our HEB Plus).  Other than that, you probably have everything.  We even made the sugar frosting!  Landri LOVED it!!!  And hopefully I can get to posting some of that other stuff pretty soon.

Grain Free Sugar Cookies


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